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Sharon Kelly
Immy was written on May 5, 2005

Topless and nude often

This is a tour de force for Sharon (aka porn star Colleen Brennan) in that she's topless or nude in roughly a dozen scenes. The down side is that she's virtually the only female who gets decent exposure and, due to the film's running gag, she's frequently encased in bandages, casts and slings. But despite this her awesome assets are a sight to behold in various comic scenarios; nude undressing and showering with a compulsive germophobe (0:16-0:18, with nice close-ups), some messy fun as a guy eats all kinds of food off her bod (0:27-0:28, kinda gross if you're not into it), and in bed with a couple of different guys (0:37-0:38 & 0:47-0:51). Her D-cups are spectacular, showing no hint of sag and her auburn muff sees the light now and then.

Angela Carnon
Immy was written on May 5, 2005

Nude backside and muff (1:07)

Angela's posterior is prominantly displayed as she shows off her special harmonica playing technique...and not with her mouth. We're treated to a prolonged view of her backside and a quick muff shot. Her whole scene is in fact a set up for an old joke. If the end credits hadn't specifically ID'ed her I wouldn't have included this since her face is never shown.

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