Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Peoples, Melvina 1 Review
Havana, Gila 1 Review
Hall, Terri 1 Review
Graham, Juliet 2 Reviews
Doe, Nancy 1 Review
DeBell, Kristine 4 Reviews
Anthony, Bree 2 Reviews

Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tsengoles, Tony 1 Review
Novak, Alan 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy member submitted

Melvina Peoples
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Brief Topless

She is seen starting the "Dance of the cards" with a sheer top, but she is no longer in it after the first scene (injury?). In the trial sequence, we get a brief flash of tits as she jumps from a podium.

Gila Havana
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Nude on top of Night

(XXX-version only): is shown nude having sex with knight. Average looking brunette--trim but not in fantastic physical shape.

Terri Hall
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Many nude scenes throughout

She is mostly known as a porn queen, but in this movie she does it all, sing, dance, act, and have sex (XXX version only).

Is a "scrug" in a scene with oogaloo's with skin tight dancers leotards, but nothing revealed but her great shape.

During "dancing nurses" sequence, strips from nurse uniform to bra and panties and then to complete nude. She has a fantastic, firm, toned dancer's body with large tits (Cant tell if a silicone job or not, but they look a little large and firm for her body). Has a lesbian scene with other blonde dancer/nurse and shows pussy (hard to make out lips). Is a member of "dancing cards" musical number: Is wearing a see through top that flys away at slightest movement, a thong and see through panty hose that reveals her wiggling, non-jiggling, ass and legs completely (this may be the best panty hose dance sequence ever!). Shows up again in same outfit during "trial". Does full nude and has se(XXX) during "fun in wonderland" scene. Is topless with translucent wrap around, along with other preparer, while preparing Kristine for "audience" with queen. Starts to have lesbo sex with Kristine, until Queen shows up. Then strips to full nudity to have another lesbo scene with the blonde nurse/preparer.

Though she is dead now, if times had been different, she could have been the Chita Rivera of main stream cinema--with explicit sex added of course!.

Juliet Graham
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Many nude scenes

She goes topless through all her scenes in the movie (symmetrical, but kind of saggy). She seems to switch from scene to scene wearing either nude to the waist panty hose, or "ball and tackle" stockings and garter (the legs and body are firm, but do not appear to be as toned as Teri Hall's or the other dancers). She does show some pussy during an attempted lesbo scene with Kristine DeBell(on par with Kristine's). Her make up was supposed to make her look like a bitch, so it is hard to say how attractive she is. This performance would have gotten 4 stars in any other movie, except I wanted to reserve that for the other outstanding contributions to this movie.

voyeur was written on December 30, 2001

A deranged and randy Queen of Hearts

She wears a crown, high heels, and prectically nothing else except a gossamer cloak
as she sweeps into the open-air court. Her pubis is bare, but is that hair or black paint
on a shaved area? A couple of scenes later, she is lying down with K. DeBell, and this
time she is clearly shaved, because there is a clear view of her lips through the red
paint. She could be a poster-girl for Gordon Moore.
AfterAlice runs away, the Queen pursues her. The scene is shot at some distance,
but there is still some serious jiggling. By the way, the color scheme has changed back
to black. This must be the only known example of a chameleon pubis..

Nancy Doe
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Same scenes as Teri Hall

She is in every nude scene, (I can't tell if she was an "oogaloo"), that Teri Hall is in and in the same state of undress (See teri Hall Review). She is a gorgeous short-cropped blond (apparently natural) with a very firm athletic/dancer's body. Her tits are smaller and firmer than Teri's and don't jiggle as much--probably artificial. She is a bit taller than Teri, with slimmer hips and a flatter(though not that flat) ass. (I could not tell if she had sex in the "fun in wonderland" sequence).

Kristine DeBell
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Many nude scenes throughout

This movie was originally shot XXX, released X, and then re-released XXX in video--which probably ruined Kristine's budding career. Amazingly enough, this film is so good, it work's with and without the explicit sex. But the explicit scenes (penetration) is only in the XXX video version--A must have for fans of Kristine.

When shrinking, brief flash of both breasts. When getting out of water, can see nipples, tits, pubes, and ass. When doing dance with oogaloo's, etc, brief flash of bush as sheet separates. (notice various wetness of sheets during dance routine). When getting licked by oogaloo's, tits (small natural and firm), pubes (cant confirm if she is a real blonde, or not), pussy lips(nice and thick!). Full nude front and back while changing from sheet to mini-dress. Masturbation scene on rock bush and pussy lips. Frontal nude while on bed with king. Ass shot while escaping queen. Full nude while being prepped for queen. Pussy lips in scene with Teri Hall and other nurse. Brief ass shot while jumping into water. (XXX)-does oral sex on mad hatter with cum sceen. Does full nude while simulating love making to boyfriend. (XXX)-does oral sex on boyfriend. (XXX)-Actual penetration and cum scenes were probably body double, as the cum disappears from her hands between shots and the color differences. Rides horse and runs topless at end of movie. Does a full nude while for several minutes does slide down natural water slide--no apparent plot significance!.

This movie, in my opinion, is probably as far as bang for the buck, the greatest movie ever made! Its too bad Ronald Reagan/Moral Majority was president and not Bill Clinton--or Kristine's career would have probably taken off like Pam Anderson's.

Know-it-all was written on August 19, 2000

This would have blown Lewis Carrol's mind...

Especially if you knew Kristine beforehand from "Meatballs", seeing this film is a real kick. Best scene? When the rock in the stream convinces her she should sit on it and masturbate. Just priceless. I also love those, "Oh my goodness!, I'm little and my clothes all fell off and I'm nude, what will I do?" scenes, which are really quite erotic.

Bevan was written on October 25, 1999

And much more besides

Kristine is topless or naked through much of the film, and manages to pull off total innocence coast-to-coast. She has several sex scenes, including explicit oral sex, although the touted X-rated scene with her boyfriend at the end of the movie has the real action just under the camera angle

Werewolf was written on October 7, 1998

XXX Version

Full frontal masturbatingby a stream.

Bree Anthony
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Many nude scenes

During Tweedle Dee/Dum sequence, she is wearing a tee shirt that almost doesn't cover her bare ass--firm legs, nice round ass, but not very athletic looking. As she frolics with her "brother" you get many up the shirt shots of her ass an pubes (thick an black). She strips to full nudity and has quick sex scene.(XXX)-has an extended sex scene with cum. (XXX)--later in "fun in Wonderland scene is completely nude and again has sex with "brother". Both these actors were listed as having the same last name and looked highly similar (I don't know if they really were siblings or married!!??). This performance would have gotten 4 stars in any other movie, if others had not been so outstanding.

12-string was written on January 1, 2002

porn actress

OK hardcore performance. Actress was also known as Bree Anthony and Sue Richards during her fairly short mid-70s career and (under the latter name) was the first porn star "publisher" of HIGH SOCIETY magazine. Her co-star here is then-husband Tony Tsengoles. Good scene but it may look a little hairy to non-70s survivors.

Tony Tsengoles
WileyPark was written on March 15, 2011

Sex scene with \"sister\"

Tony Tsengoles plays Tweedledee, who has a hardcore sex scene with his sister Tweedledum (played by his real-life wife Bree Anthony). Both of them first appear wearing only T-shirts, which means their asses and genitals are both exposed. They frolic together on a hillside, giving us several views of their nudity, before settling down in a gazebo of sorts to have sex. The XXX version of the film includes a graphic sex scene with full penetration and no condom. We see Tsengoles\' erect penis and balls in extreme close-up, and we see him ejaculate. He is very much a 70s star -- tall, lanky, hairy, and sporting a perm.

Alan Novak
BushLeague was written on January 1, 2002

Shows his pee pee

(XXX) version--gets a blow job from Kristine DeBell with cum scene.

12-string was written on January 1, 2002


There is a full shot of him frontally nude, but the blow job footage is almost certainly performed by a stunt dick.

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