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Reyes, Pía 1 Review
Lacatus, Carmen 1 Review
Ilica, Laura 1 Review
Holmes, Meredyth 1 Review
Grappini, Floriela 1 Review
DeMoss, Darcy 2 Reviews
Chivulescu, Alina 1 Review
Balaianu, Alice 1 Review

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Pía Reyes
Immy was written on March 24, 2007

November 1988 Playboy Playmate nude

Pia and her four friends share some sexual escapades while they sit around a pool at a women's spa. She recalls a few encounters (she's the skank of the group) including her first time with an Italian foreign exchange student (0:48, brief boobs by a window), then with two frats guys (0:49, topless on a couch), with a jogger in an old house (0:49, muff as he takes her running shorts off, then boobs) and a strange dream involving a sexual conquest in an arena setting. She dominates a guy and her outfit is ripped open revealing her boobs. This scene is repeated a few times in the last hour. Finally she has a lesbo moment with Darcy De Moss on an alien spaceship with more full frontal (1:18). There's also a brief frontal as she hops out of the pool (1:04). Lotsa skin in this flick.

Carmen Lacatus
Immy was written on March 24, 2007

Brief nude (0:18)

Carmen and four other girls are sharing sexy stories while they sit around a pool at a women's spa. After she tells her story about a fling with a motorcycle cop she whips off her towel and jumps into the pool nude. Boobs initially then nude from behind as she jumps in. No full frontal.

Laura Ilica
Immy was written on March 24, 2007

Brief breasts then full frontal

Laura plays a strange wild nympho. Normally that's great but in this case she's kept in a horse's stable and wears a saddle. O-kay. Her outfit allows her boobs to be somewhat visible (0:53) but the real action comes when Darcy De Moss rescues her and they have a steamy session in bed (0:56-1:00). Laura is on top giving her some TLC and then Darcy removes Laura's saddle/bustier and we get a frontal look. Her boobs are about the same size as Darcy's. Nice scene.

Meredyth Holmes
Know-it-all was written on February 10, 2001

Where the hell is THIS girl hiding...

Yet another pretty girl with one or two credits only. Meredyth is the cute little blonde who the other girls go to meet at the club. She gets there first, and while alone, has a vision (don't ask...this is a really strange film), and lays back on the edge of the pool. She undoes her towel, and starts masturbating. We get good looks at her medium/small breasts as the camera pans up and down her body. She really knows how to moan. She's nude again, much later, near the end, but this first scene is better. She was only 19 (according to the IMDB), when this was filmed. Nice.

Floriela Grappini
Immy was written on March 24, 2007


Floriela is the first nude body we see. A mere 21 seconds into the movie she dives nude into a swimming pool in a women's spa. A few close-ups of her boobs in the water during the opening credits after which we see a brief full frontal shot as she meets and talks to Meredyth Holmes in the lockerroom. Sexy girl.

Darcy DeMoss
BushLeague was written on October 13, 2003

Wet "T" shirt without the shirt

She is naked from the waist up. Her, slightly weird, but beautiful 34c waterwings scream out "Wet T shirt contest". A guy pours a pitcher of water on her, like in a wet "T" shirt contest. Her tits appear to puff up on bra cup size.

Immy was written on March 24, 2007


The above review is accurate for one brief scene but Darcy is nude a lot more often. She joins her friends by a pool at a women's spa and takes off her towel as she talks, showing a brief frontal then laying nude on her stomach. She has a scene with a pale, skinny alien in a western setting where he bathes her, soaping up her boobs (0:40). She has two lez encounters after that. One in bed with Laura Ilica (0:53, full frontal laying down) and finally a hot session with Pia Reyes aboard an alien spaceship (1:18, full frontal.) The splashing water shot is repeated in flashbacks a couple of times. Most of her scenes are fairly long.

Alina Chivulescu
Immy was written on March 23, 2007


Alina and four other girls tell sexy stories while sitting around a spa's swimming pool. She takes off her towel and sits naked as she begins (0:10, only boobs seen clearly). Her story recounts she and her boyfriend getting sensual massages. Several really nice close-ups of her boobs and butt on the table but no muff. Nice long scene. Afterwards you see her still sitting naked with the other girls but just her boobs are visible.

Alice Balaianu
Immy was written on March 23, 2007


Alice is a barroom dancer in a western setting during Darcy De Moss's memory. She wears black lingerie and eventually has her top taken off by a male dancer (0:36). She wears a mask all the time so you don't see much of her face. The shot where her top comes off is repeated in flashbacks in the last half hour.

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