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Alien Space Avenger's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Nicholas, Angela 1 Review
Mastrogiacomo, Gina 1 Review

Alien Space Avenger's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Fairbanks Fogg, Kirk 1 Review

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Angela Nicholas
Immy was written on December 4, 2004

Topless in bed (0:56)

Angela's one of those lucky girls who'll never have to complain about her boobs. They're perfect; size (large B/small C), shape, nips, everything. She has a romp in bed with porn vet Jamie Gillis and we see her from the waist up straddling him. Not a lot of jiggling but they're lovely to behold.

Gina Mastrogiacomo
Immy was written on December 4, 2004

Nude in bed (0:18)

Blonde, thin Gina (who bears a more-than-striking resemblance to Juliette Lewis) has a great opening scene - nude in bed boffing away with the male lead. She's on her back initially then straddles him giving us a full-on view of her b-cups. Suddenly the guy stops and tosses her off to go write something down and we get a flash of her butt and bush. She then gets frustrated, hops out of bed to get dressed and we're treated to the whole nice package. And in the third act just for good measure she wears a braless green tank top for an extended period.

Kirk Fairbanks Fogg
WileyPark was written on May 3, 2011

Brief butt after sex

Kirk Fogg who later became semi-famous for hosting the children's game show "Legends of the Hidden Temple" has a sex scene early in the movie He gets out of bed and his character is apparently supposed to be naked but he is obviously wearing a pair of skimpy blue underwear that just barely reveal the teeny top of his crack and pubes I wonder if this part of the frame was supposed to be cropped out in the widescreen version? His girlfriend gets mad and leaves and he follows her out the door Here we get a short glimpse of his ass in fairly good light He's a cute guy but not the hunky type and his butt is a bit small Still for those like me who had a childhood crush on him during his Nickelodeon days this is a surprising nude scene

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