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Sigourney Weaver
oldbabe was written on February 21, 2002

Close but no cigar.....

Again back to the basics, there is NO nude scene. But yes, Siggy's bod is great - throughout the two decades or so of her acting career.

barneyd was written on January 8, 2007

Sexy panties scene

Sigourney is just gorgeous in the scene towards the end of a great film. Not nude but what's really good are the nice tight panties that she's stripped down to. The shape of her pussy and her ass are clearly visible. One of the best panties scenes ever. Use the zoom and slow motion on the DVD version to enjoy to the full.

dav345 was written on October 14, 2000

upper butt crack

This scene is definitely worth checking out if you are a Sigourney Weaver fan. She strips down to a very, very tiny pair of panties that she is practically bursting out of and then turns around to look at some instruments, clearly exposing her upper butt crack. She even bends over a little in this scene. Her body looks absolutely fabulous. Soon after, she is chased by the alien into a closet and her upper butt crack bounces by the camera for a brief close-up. Altogether, this is a very sexy scene.

DevilSnake was written on July 27, 2000

t-shirt and panty tease

In her first movie, a bra-less Sigourney strips down to her thin white t-shirt and a pair of white panties that are so small they barely cover her crotch and show the the top of her butt-cleavage. When she flees the alien and jumps into a closet she sticks her butt into the camera and her cheeks jiggle. No complete nudity, but a very sexy scene. Ripley kicks ass!

itookgillianandersonupthebum was written on October 17, 2000

Sigourney Weaver in tiny Panties

In this early role a very youthful looking Sigourney who has an amazing body strips down to a shirt and a very tiny pair of panties which reveal the top of her bum and a tiny glimpse of her upper pubic area. This is a great scene and I would love to whip off those panties and see the lovely Sigourney in all her vaginal glory anytime. She looks great. In this film she oozes sex appeal. A good scene and no mistake!

ShodaN was written on January 19, 2002

ripley little panties in the end of the movie

In the end of movie Sigourney weaver strips down to a very little white panties and see-through shirt. White panties are very little and they just covered her pubic area.

Then she goes checking some computer terminal and turn around when we see her butt crack. Little later alien chases her to the closet when we see her ass in a close-up screen. Then she wears a space suit and her tits and nipples are shown to us with a see-through shirt.

damonhill was written on May 28, 2004

not naked but revealing

this is the very last scene in which ripley begins to strip down to a tiny pair white panties and a thin white tank top. The panties are so thin and sexy with a nice little crack peeping up through. A couple closeup of her small butt. It isnt tight but still nice since she is a beeautfl actress. also there is some bush showing.

Cazzo was written on November 22, 2002

Those tiny panties

As has been said, there's no actual nudity, yet I find this scene to be highly erotic. I think it' possibly the fact that it comes as a surprise when she suddenly starts to remove her clothes and that her panties are so darn small that makes the scene so memorable. A good bit of her butt crack is sticking out of her briefs and it looks like she's had to give her bush a trim in order to avoid hairs trying to poke out the top.

BouncyTits was written on August 18, 2002

Very erotic

There is not much nudity on display in this scene - upper rear only. But the scene is extremely erotic, nonetheless. Maybe it's because the suspense of the film has you tied up in knots by this point (near the end of the film), or maybe it's just because Sigourney is so non-chalant and natural, and you don't really expect to see her undressing to her undershirt and panties. Whatever it is, the scene is a good one and she's got a great figure. If you haven't seen this movie yet - and I hadn't until recently - see it! It's terrific and the sexy scene is just an added bonus!

BushLeague was written on June 1, 2005

Laying in sleep chamber

Someone finally captured this scene of Sigourney in the sleep chamber. She shows both her tits with some kind of electrodes pasted over the nipples.

Fling was written on February 9, 2004

Less than zero nudity

Ursula Andress emerging from the sea. Mel Gibson standing amind crashed and burning vehicles. Audrey Hepburn floating down the steps from Winged Victory in the Louvre. Gene Kelly swinging on a lamp-post.

All these scenes are sexy in their way, and none of them are listed here. Why? Because like this scene from Alien, THERE'S NO DAMNED NUDITY.

Fine if you insist on mentioning that scrawny Sigourney Weaver shows a slight butt crack here. It's worth zero on the nudity scale, but it can be noted on the record.

But if you actually like Sigourney Weaver's bony ass and tiny, non-descript titties, rent a movie where she's naked. Otherwise, take these comments to the Clothed-celebrity-who-turns-me-on database.

Thank you.

nudity_elitist was written on April 23, 2001

cotton sucks.

If ever I wished a pair of panties was see-through, this was the time! Still, it got me hotter than most movies WITH nudity!

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

this is really nothing... yet people are going nuts!!

I don't get it... first off, I don't think she is that hot at all... actually... kinda the opposite... but going beyone personal taste... I just don't think this is sexy... tiny cotton panties or not!

soulman was written on August 19, 2002

No Way!

I never understood Weaver's appeal. I find her very unattractive with no figure, a flat ass and tits that are too small. And in this flick it's never been more evident. I love a woman in underwear but this scene is a real turn-off.

Veronica Cartwright
BushLeague was written on June 1, 2005

Not her tits

After 25 years, someone finally caught this scene. It is not Veronica, it is Sigourney.

BushLeague was written on May 28, 2004

Opening sequence

I distinctly remembered seeing her bare breasts while in the "hibernation chambers" when it was shown theatrically, but censorship or cropping of the VHS seems to have this scene absent.

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