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Lisa Boyle
Ghostwords was written on November 15, 2011

Sex and shower

As indicated by the previous reviewer, Ms Boyle opens her nudity with a little on-top action, showing first her left side from the waist up, including her left breast, then shifting to show both. Where we part company is on the impact of the shower scene, which is much shorter than eight seconds (unless we're discussing the complete sequence), and the shot of her dressing, which is filmed from some distance away.

Ghostwords was written on September 17, 2012

Forgot to add...

that during the first scene, the male actor gets to chow down on her least breast and then lick up and down her cleavage: lucky blighter. Also, she's billed as "Cassandra Leigh", the name she first used in her second movie, Road to Revenge (1993, five years after her dancing cameo in Earth Girls Are Easy).

Ms Boyle has rather conical breasts, full but not obviously enhanced, and a rather cheeky smile. Given the cramped conditions in this movie, a little girl-girl with Maria Ford would have been rather welcome. Sadly, the makers of this z-grade sf yarn thought differently.

Immy was written on October 14, 2007


A sparse cast doesn't allow for much nudity but Lisa compensates nicely in this sci-fi thriller. She and her boyfriend (Emile Levisetti) are two members of a two-year, underground research team. They decide to have a little quiet time and get cozy in an access tunnel. She takes off her top and Emile gets in a few smooches on her great rack (0:18). We get even better looks over the next two minutes as she straddles him. At 0:31 comes the best 8-second shower sequence I've ever scene that didn't involve total nudity. Lisa's sculpted chest gets a good soaking in loving close-up, followed by a topless shot of her putting on a shirt in a darkened bedroom. Yum!

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