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Melissa Anne Moore
J-Love was written on October 23, 2001

Purple dress, no bra.

About an hour into this dreadful, shot-on-video amateur exercise in filmmaking, the lovely Melissa Anne Moore takes off her purple dress in front of a producer she's trying to impress. Her perfect breasts are immediately on display, no bra needed here, and she uses her arm to smash her left breast upward and outward. Very sexy. If you keep watching this film, you'll see her character strangled and her black negligee ripped off. Glorious breasts, of course, but the necrophilia angle is a turn-off.

Pamela Gilbert
voyeur was written on February 17, 2003

A quick dip in the pool before dinner (she's the dinner)

(This movie appears, in slightly different form, as "Evil Spawn"). Ms. Gilbert is a big girl: tall, broad shoulders, wide hips, and full firm breasts. She also appears to have a thick black bush, but in the version I saw, it was only discernable through the water. She approaches the side of the pool, removes her swimsuit, and plunges in. After a while, she hears noises and climbs out, whereupon an alien creature eats her. The foolish thing doesn't eat her where a red-blooded male earthling would, but maybe they do things differently where it comes from.

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