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Tracy Rodgers
BushLeague was written on April 21, 2002

Two nude scenes

Is a gorgeous faced older (maybe about 30-35) brunette, with some average sized round, symmetrical, separated tits (seem to be natural) and a relatively firm body and long legs. Is shown nude from "V" up while lying in a bed. Later is shown complete length both sides nude while getting a massage from Peggy, tits, ass, thick black bush. All scenes are long and well lit.

Peggy Church
ATL was written on October 3, 1999

Masturbation Scene

About 5 minutes into the movie, she is lying in bed masturbating. She even squeezes her breasts and licks her nipples. Top Notch! Check out this rare adult film available from Something Weird Video.

BushLeague was written on April 21, 2002

Nudity throughout movie

Does a long masturbation scene nude while lying on bed, see tit and bush, but not pussy lips or butt. Drops pants for boyfriend to give butt and leg shot. Goes topless, then full nude, when massaging Tracy Rogers. Strips nude in bathroom for sexually repressed guy. Strips as a "slave" and is tied up spread eagle on bed (no pussy lips shown), but bush and tits shown. Boyfriend takes of her skirt in bedroom, bush, but is only dark scene, all others are well lit.

Alan Abelew

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