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All-American Murder's Sexy Actresses

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Bissett, Josie 6 Reviews

All-American Murder's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Schlatter, Charlie 1 Review

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Josie Bissett
Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Threesome in black and white

Josie has a very steamy threesome with a man and a woman. There is a lot of action and Josie's breasts and much of the rest of her naked body is seen in the course of kissing, touching, and sex. It would have been better in color, but still good.

zzxx was written on August 9, 2001

steamy sex

Josie's scene is shot in black and white but it is a memorable scene nevertheless. Beautiful Josie is tangled in a three way sex feast with another girl and and guy. All three bodies are naked and prone to rubbing and touching. The guy takes a special liking to Josie and as they kiss Josie sucks on his big, long tongue. The editing could have avoided so many cut aways, but it is still a remarkable scene and Josie nudeness is great.

tazzie was written on September 22, 1999

black and white threesome

Josie has a sex scene with two other actors (maleand female). The scene is shot is black andwhite, and there is a lot of tangles arms andlegs and fast cut-aways, so you'll want to keepthe pause button close by.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 27, 2003

2 stars

not bad only cause its the melrose chick they have a flashback in black and white which is always annoying and her see her tits a couple quick times mangled in there with a another girl and a guy

Fetus was written on May 7, 1999


Seen only in black/white flashbacks,and rather briefly.However,full frontal nudity and butt shots.Nice body.

LdX was written on December 18, 2002

sex flashback

This is unquestionably Josie's best nude scene. She's awesome. I'd readily fondle those shapely boobs. The surgeon sure did an excellent job.
That scene made me come in my pants.. unforgettable!!

Charlie Schlatter
[email protected] was written on November 17, 1998

Bedroom Scene

Charlie just finished making love to the Dean's wife at a college he just entered. This is only a short torso scene, but he is so hard to catch without clothes who cares, HE'S CUTE!- out of print - may be rented

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