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Franka Potente
Mandy Moore
jerseykid was written on December 20, 2003

Mandy walking up to the window

Mandy gets up from reading a book and walks to her window wearing only a tank top with no bra. I'm not sure if its her aerola (if it is she's got big ones) but the shirt moves out and just and the whole side of her tit is visible. Only one star because it's very brief. About a frame or two.

ff was written on March 7, 2004

wrong movie!!!!

the movie where you could see the the silhouette of her right breast through her shirt is How To Deal. There is absolutely no nudity in this film except for that unknown actress playing a nude model who showed a butt crack. the movie is okay and Mandy is pretty hot in her underwear but if you want to see her close to naked look for caps in the net from her appearance in Rove Live where she performed in a see-thru shirt where you can clearly see her pink nipples or check out the silhouette shot from How to Deal.

Balrog was written on September 19, 2003

also known as Try Seventeen

just when you thought that Mandy Moore's name was a waste of place in the database.
Many surprises us in her second film.
She has a great close up at her awesome butt, wearing red panties and she also have a terrific scene wearing a blue revealing bra that shows lot of her 10/10 breasts cleveage.
If with every film the progress is that good then we're for a treat.

BTW she should leave singing and continue acting, since she is a really good actress.

redds79 was written on January 12, 2004

Reply to Balrog

REALLY???!!! "A really good actress" OR "a really beautiful actress that I wanna see naked?"

Deborah Harry

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