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Marisa Ramirez
fly_me_the_french_way was written on August 22, 2007

nips through the paint

The first time she is lying down covered in body paint, it almost appears that she is wearing a painted body suit. However, when she sits up, you can make out her breasts through the black body paint, especially her right nipple. She has round B cups, with plump nipples.

ut1stgear was written on December 8, 2011

Bedroom and Altar

There are two nude scenes of her in this edited version.

The first occurs at 00:31:50 when she her and her boyfriend are in bed. They use a fading in and out of shots to keep any good nudity from being shown but it's there just out of focus. There is no actual stripping shown, just a series of shots of her in various stages of undress to include some clears shots of her smooth back. The rest is purposely out of focus and only teases you.

At about 00:48:48 we begin the scene of her on the altar about to be sacrificed. The camera moves in until there is a close up of her head and breasts, covered with body paint. The right breast is clearly scene but the priest/sheriff's right hand is blocking any view of her left one. As the hand is moved further down her body the left breast becomes clearly seen and in focus. Not sure but the left nipple might be seen if not for the body paint. The movie then switches scenes until 00:49:50 as her boyfriend comes to the rescue. The sheriff is standing over her with a knife and as the camera rotates around him Marisa comes into view again. Still covered in body paint we get a good look at her left breast as well defined as it can be with body paint on. After the sheriff is shot and knocked off the altar we see a full length shot of Ms Ramirez on the altar. Her legs are positioned so there is no way to see anything between them. Using a pause at 00:49:56 you can just make out the left nipple but the body paint keeps it from being well defined. As the previous reviewer there is possibly a shot of her right nipple, but it could be my imagine through the body paint. There is great potential for this to be a 2 star scene but the body paint keeps it at a 1/2 to 1 star.

Mircea Monroe
ut1stgear was written on December 8, 2011


I also saw the edited movie.

At 00:15 Ms Monroe is in a hotel/motel bath room getting ready to take a bath. She removes her blouse and we some good frontal closeups of her still wearing her bra, probably a D cup. This includes some teaser downbra shots. The shot then moves to a rear left perspective as she removes her bra. From the same camera position the bra comes off and we are pleasured with a very nice medium-close range shot of her left breast. The shot is well lit and you can the weight and shape of her left breast with no nipple. The rest of the scene shows her in the tub but has been edited to remove any more nudity.

sky_blue_waters was written on August 15, 2007

Blond in a Bath

A pretty blond, she was in a show called Drive. Anyway, at 14:30 she begins to strip for a bath. 14:50 she removes her panties, and ass men everywhere are getting their hopes up...unfortunately, the director is not one of us, and we see no bum shots. 15:03-15:20 she lays back in the tub and we see her right breast through the steam of the bath. The water is mysteriously drained from the tub while she is resting with her eyes closed. She suspects her little brother. 15:43-15:46 she steps out of the bath and puts on a robe to investigate her little brothers shenanigans, we she her boobs bounce a bit. Nice breasts, I hope she shows much more in the future.

NiccoloM was written on October 2, 2007

Stripping for bath

I must of seen an edited version of this movie, because what I say is different from the first reviewer.

At the beginning of the movie she goes to take a bath. You see her taking her clothes and you can see that she has a nice set of breasts. She is shown taking her bra off, unfortunately, she is facing away from the camera and you only see a brief glimpse of her left breast.She next takes off her panties, but again she is facing away from the camera and you only see her naked back. She is next shown laying in the bathtub, but only from the shoulders up. Nothing else is shown.

NiccoloM was written on October 2, 2007

Stripping for a bath

Update to my last review. Say some screen shots from this movie Ms. Monroe differently shows more of her breasts. The movie I saw had been edited.

Danielle Burgio
ut1stgear was written on December 8, 2011

Town Square

The previous reviewer has the time and description accurately down. All of the good shots are very quick and somewhat out of focus. You do get to see her breasts and butt as she rolls around on the ground. This could be a funtion of editing due the fact that it has already been established that there is an unedited version out there somewhere. There is great potential to have some very good shots of her breasts.

sky_blue_waters was written on August 15, 2007

Body Paint

1:19:09 There is a car accident and she comes rolling out of a coffin naked, covered in body paint. Hey, it's a Holiday in Mexico...we've all been there before. Nice quick rear shot as she rolls on the ground. She COULD have been wearing a very small G string, it's pretty quick.

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