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Paul Schneider
SceneSean was written on January 17, 2008

Tighty Whitys Pulled Down at Jacuzzi

Mr. Schneider says on the Commentary included on the DVD that his smallness was intentional; he said something to the effect that while most actors would tug and fluff it so as to appear bigger, he thought it would be way cooler and more natural "to go out there riding tiny" and that he sat in cold-ass water before shooting to acheive that effect.

This explanation, however, didn't protect him from another commentator's gentle razzing; that commentator (who I believe was the film's director) laughingly refered to the actor's equipment as "The Poor Man's Big Dick."

If its any consolation I thought he looked insanely hot (but I prefer 'em small).

BKW was written on November 2, 2004


Nice-looking actor. Tiny penis. Tidy little balls. Sigh. Drool.

JohnnyWad was written on July 4, 2004

Wet underwear gets pulled down

Decent looking actor jumps in a pool in tighty-whities, gets out, and his ass is totally seen through briefs--always hot since it's total exploitation. Then the chick in the flick yanks them down, revealing his cock, balls and bush, but it's a pretty small lookin' dick. Face is nicer than the boy's equipment, decent exposure.

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