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Lea Thompson
nudieguy was written on November 28, 2002

Not impressed

Tom Cruise takes her clothes off to make love to her.She's there completely nude.She has small titties,kind of a flat ass,and a lot of pubic hair.I think she was young though.

Alphonse was written on May 28, 2001

The perfect body

Lea is amazingly hot and shows it all in this scene at about the one hour five minute mark. You see her tits while she's standing as well as a bit of her butt and a brief shot of pubes. Then you see her tits again as she's getting it on with Cruise in bed. Excellent scene and one of the highlights of the goody-two-shoes-without-her-clothes genre.

beave0 was written on March 16, 2006

love scene with cruise

At 1:04 we get to see Lea's right breast with her nipple sticking out as Tom removes her clothes. It was a special moment in the movie for them cause it was there first time. The love scene last about a minute and we get to see her perky breasts and nipples a couple of times.

fatTONY was written on April 11, 2001

"i have a funny outfit to show you"

lea is so hot and she has a great set of tits, which she shows when undressing for sex with cruise. she goes up to his room and yakes off her jacket and tells him "i have a funny outfit to show you." at this point she takes off her cheerleading pants and is in what looks like her pajamas she then takes off her bottoms while cruise takes off her top, then slides down her undershirt(?) as she removes her panties. i've heard of her showing some pussy in it too but in the version ive seen all she shows is her great tits and one of her ass cheeks. oh well. is it me or have her tits seem to have gotten smaller between the time she made this movie and her career in caroline in the city?
3 stars for this incredible because even though its a classic scene, one of my all time favorites, and its fairly long, in my version she didnt show any pussy.

fiskmann was written on March 26, 2003



nudity_elitist was written on April 23, 2001


This is pretty shockingly hot stuff in light of what a goody-two-shoes Lea is now known as. Lets see...there's the Back to the Future trilogy...then there's the shitty sitcom...and then there's this fully nude, bush and all, virginal sex scene displayed here. Lea, you coulda been someone!

Armando was written on May 25, 1999

She takes her clothes off to expose her cute body.Breasts and a little bit of bush.

Nice shots of her small but nice breasts and little bit of bush. Excellent lighting helps this decent scene.

soulman was written on October 16, 2001

Nice Little Bod

This (along with her butt shot in CASUAL SEX?) pretty much sums up Lea's nude film work. She's awful cute in this film. She shows off her cute little bod in a bedroom scene with Tom Cruise. Nice sized tits, nice pinkish nipples. And she is so damn cute.

StevieW was written on April 5, 2004


In the famous sex scene in this movie,Lea strips to her longjohns then we see her gorgeous tits which are shown in a great closeup,great nipples. Then as Tom Cruise undresses you see her cute hiny and nice,cute hairy pussy briefly before she gets into bed with him. This was the only movie she appears fully nude in which is a shame,she's only 43 now,wonder if that tight little body still looks good?? Guess only her husband knows,that lucky bastard!!

Cyclone was written on December 16, 1999

Bares all with Tom Cruise

I was surprised by just how much of Lea we got to see in this movie, but I wasn't particularly excited about what I saw. Personally, I was a little disappointed in the camera angles, and she's also a little too petite for my liking. Still, this is a must for Lea fans, since we do get to see her breasts and a bit of bush.

Surge was written on October 24, 2000

Thompson / Cruise Sex Scene

This scene is a personal favorite of mine as a long time fan of Lea Thompson's. In this scene you see her remove her clothes then get in bad and start to have sex with cruise. You get several rather nice veiws of her breasts, and also get a decent veiw of her ass and pubic hair.

BOD was written on October 14, 1999

sex scene with Tom Cruise

WOW!!! Lea's got a very nice body. You get to see her breasts and a few seconds of her pussy. You also see Tom Cruise naked but I guess that wouldn't get most people excited.

budd was written on August 19, 1999

Having sex with Tom Cruise

I was pleased to find out in this movie that Leah Thompson has quite a nice body. This sex scene with Tom Cruise is quite erotic and Leah's breasts are very nice. The rest of the movie is terrible but seeing these two get it on makes it worth a watch.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 28, 2003

damn this is great

very very very good scene tom cruise takes of leas clothes in the bedroom and you get great sgots of her great body especially her tits.How about it the back to the future mom going to bat getting naked

BuffaloBoy was written on May 20, 2002

Breasts only - but beautiful ones!

Chapter 18 on the DVD, beginning at 1:00:23. One of the best "first time" sequences anywhere. Lea's nipples are at attention even when she still has the heavy shirt on, so you know she was thinking about it!

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

Full Frontal

An early movie for this Star has Lea is totally nude form Mr Tom and we see everything in a well lit scene. I have not seen this in years but it is burned in my mind for ever it is that hot.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

Caroline in the City

Caroline in the City shows off her boobies and some of her bush hair. I was pleasantly surprised when i watched this flick. I have always found Lea very pretty since Back to the Future. Cruise might have used a body double, but this is definately Lea.

schlitz40 was written on January 10, 2003

Lea Baring All

Excellent scene (although probably would warrant a *** rating if it wasn't Lea) where Lea strips down to have sex with Tom Cruise. First she takes off her blouse over her smallish hot breasts. She has really perky nipples in this scene and a sweet rack. You also get a brief shot of her bush and her amazing little ass (which can also be seen in the movie Casual Sex).

SPU was written on October 24, 1998

Taking off her clothes to have sex with Tom Cruise

I think this is what they call paying your dues. Early in their careers Lea Thompson and Tom Cruise took off all of their clothes for this simulated sex scene. At one point the IMDB said they used body doubles but that is impossible since you can see Lea's face and breasts in the same shot. There is a close up of Lea's breasts that may not be her ... does anyone know?

Masked Reviewmaster was written on February 2, 1999

Bedroom Scene with Tom Cruise - simulated sex

A young Lea's best nude work. You can see her perky breasts and slight peak at bush as they're getting undressed. Tom also gives quick nude peak. Enough to keep the movie interesting.

2smart was written on September 10, 1999

Lea's 1st

I've noticed something... former dancers-turned-actress seem to get naked a lot in movies. Lea's a dancer, so the pattern holds. She really has a nice sweet little petite body. What's best about the scene is Tom Cruise went to bat for her by getting naked too, when the script called for only her!

BushLeague was written on September 4, 2002

Could Lea have had a *gasp* breast reduction?

After she strips out of her jeans and long-johns, everything is there: tight dancer legs, firm flat stomach with nicely combed and trimmed bush. And, a pair of (for a girl her size), humonguous, jutting tits! She showed no evidence of this in "The Little Rascals", or "Caroline in the City". Did she have them lopped off? What a waste of breast tissue! Lea pump them back up with some silly-cone please!

RichT was written on November 19, 2001

Lea's bush, but sadly .... Tom's bits as well

Lea Thompson is such a cutie, she would normally warrant a full 4 stars for showing ALL, as she does in this film. Sadly however, it is in a scene where a young Tom Cruise also gets his bits out, which sort of ruins the mood slightly. Still Lea does have a fantastic body, and she does show it all off, including her pretty bush ! Ta Lea

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Topless in bedroom with Tom Cruise

About an hour into the movie, Lea goes up to Tom Cruise’s room, takes off her jacket, and then starts undressing. As each piece of clothing comes off, my excitement level is rising in anticipation of seeing Lea’s tits, and I’m hoping that the camera will show a clear view of Lea’s tits. Cruise lends a hand by pulling down Lea’s shirt and exposing Lea’s tits. Then the camera zooms in on Lea’s tits, giving us a close-up view of Lea’s pink nipples. We’re so close-up to Lea’s nipples that we can actually see the tips of Lea’s erect nipples sticking straight out.

I saw Back to the Future before I saw this movie (even though this movie was made two years before Back to the Future was made). After seeing Lea in Back to the Future, I had wanted to see Lea’s tits. This nude scene is one of my personal favorites because this is the only time that we get to see Lea’s beautiful, shapely tits.

OptimusPrime was written on August 11, 2002

Lea Thompson in her birthday suit

The good part begins when Tom Cruise
invites her up to his room,she takes
off her clothes revealing her long
johns,then she take those off,then
the real fun begins.Tom slowly,but
surely pulls down Lea's bra-like shirt revealing her nice supple tits,then all the way to the panties
where you see a quick brief shot of
her ass and bush,then she gets it on
with Tom,and that's about it.

Tom Cruise
nudieguy was written on November 28, 2002


This is by far the best nudity Tom has ever done.He and Lea are about to make love.Lea unbuttons his pants and pulls them down.To everybody's surprise it falls out!He has a pretty nice sized pecker!

wheble2299 was written on August 9, 2000

butt and front, possible

I just finished watching this movie and you get to see Cruises penis and a short shot of is butt. The bad news is that it is a stunt double. I watched this movie on ENCORE and the man doing a little preview for the movie said that Cruise did not do the nude scene and that it was a double. which might be true because you really dont see Cruises face when his pants are coming down

StevieW was written on April 5, 2004

Full frontal

Yes,Tom Cruise does show his beautiful penis in this movie,it's large with a big head,the top of his butt is shown too before he gets into bed with Lea Thompson.

moviefan4u was written on July 30, 2006

Tom is in bedroom with his girl friend his penis is shown

You get a good shot of his cut penis.

tommlopes was written on March 1, 2006

tom naked


damonhill was written on May 28, 2004

um no

[email protected] exposure if ur trickey with ur pause button.

JMM was written on July 10, 1998

Removing all clothes for sex

All you get to see is a 1/3 of his butt, but his crack sure does look good!

martijn was written on September 18, 1998

removing clothes to have sex

the only look, though very short look, at his beautiful (cut) cockhe proves to be one of the most perfect guys, in every way

tom cruise was written on September 19, 1998

taking of clothes for sex

you CAN see his dick in this movie.

murray was written on September 20, 1998

love scene

If you can freeze frames with your VCR, this has to get 3 stars. It's brief, but you do get to see Cruise's dick in a few frames as he's pulling his pants down. The following scene shows his backside but only in a distant view.

Mark [email protected] was written on October 22, 1998

Undressing for sex

Shot of Tom's penis is in the older copies of the film only. Cruise got the film reedited, so later copies of the movie have the brief shots removed.

JRok was written on September 25, 1999

getting ready for sex

you can see tom's perfect penis on slo-mo when he strips him to nudity preparing for sex

BushLeague was written on September 4, 2002

Going to bed with Lea

If Tom used a body double, maybe the director could not get the "response" from him that he wanted: Might support the rumors that Tom may "cruise" Santa Monica Blvd. more than he would like to admit. His stunt double sure seemed to like Lea--a lot!

cash4fratdik was written on March 8, 2005

brief frontal

great freeze-frame moment as the dick is visible for a few frames. this _could_ be a body double, but as we have just seen his ass, I doubt it. VHS is slightly better for framing than dvd, although of course dvd is clearer.

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