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Marla Stone
Immy was written on June 19, 2007


When we first see Marla she's being attacked by two thugs at night in a city park. When Karin Mani arrives and puts a stop to things Marla gets up and her boobs are visible because her dress has been ripped (0:20, very brief boobs, fairly distant). Much better is a later scene when bad guy Michael Wayne sneaks into her apartment. She's laying in bed topless with the sheets around her waist (0:40, somewhat dimly lit). She stirs when she hears something, gets up and walks around nude before putting on a pair of panties and a robe. She even puts a light on to give us a better look! Great sequence.

Moriah Shannon
12-string was written on July 1, 2005

sum is less than the parts

About 1 1/2, overall. Long scene, with Mani and Shannon yakking and showering in a narrow stall with a few extras in the background. Shannon's then-natch tiny tits (cf D C Cab to verify the titjob), with nice tan patches, appear from time to time.

Pubic region is at the very bottom of the frame and always in shadow. DVD is sufficiently sharp to show that Shannon is wearing a (more or less) flesh-colored G-string throughout the one-take scene. You see it from the beginning, as an odd-looking indentation veed across her pelvic bones into the crotch, but it's seen most distinctly in the second half of the sequence, when she's turning. The water makes it even more visible. Shannon also gives Mani some mild lesbian groping in their cell, shortly afterward, but NN there.

Immy was written on November 25, 2004

Full frontal in the prison shower

Moriah's inmate character does show full frontal for an extended period in the women's prison shower, but her average physique and slightly butch-ish demeanor suffer by comparison to the ultra-feminine charms of Ms Mani that dominate the scene. *** mostly for gutsiness and the scene's duration.

Karen Mani
[email protected] was written on May 11, 2002

0:02-she changes her top in front of a mirror: you can see her tits in the mirror for about 1 second; 0:38:30-after her boyfriend gets out of the bathroom, she takes a shower with the door opened--mostly breasts from the side and also a brief fu

Karin(not Karen) Mani's best nude scene, in my opinion, is the last one even though it doesn't show her bush--especially the last few seconds, when you get a close-up of her wonderful breasts(face included) as she walks towards the camera. Normally, I resent this type of movies, but I watched this one because she's nice-looking and because of her nudity. An interesting piece of information: I may be wrong, but it appears that this lady has an Adam's Apple!?

DBW was written on January 21, 1999

mutiple scenes

She shows her breasts during the opening credits, and it goes on from there...a shower scene which briefly shows full frontal, a sex scene with her doofy love interest, and an extended women's prison shower scene. Basically, themovie is about Mani either taking off her clothes, or using martial arts to beat up a bunch of creeps - highly recommended.

Britt Helfer
[email protected] was written on May 11, 2002

1:00-she is picked up by the male protagonist and, after she takes off her top, handcuffed to a bed while he searches her room

This is a 3-minute scene which shows her breasts from different angles and distances while she is in different positions. It is better than all of Ms. Mani's scenes taken separately. That's why I gave it ****, despite the fact that her bush is not shown.

RFA was written on July 20, 2000

Naked Hooker Handcuffed to Bed

This is a rather long scene that nicely displays Britt's breasts (try saying that three times really fast). She is handcuffed to the bed while a guy searches the room. (A terrible waste of a hooker, if you ask me). This is, by far, Britt's best nude scene. If you remember Britt (Lily Slater) from the soap opera Loving, you will want to check this one out.

BushLeague was written on February 9, 2005

Ratings upgrade

You an see her bush thru her panties while she is on the bed.

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