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Tamar Simon Hoffs

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Susanna Hoffs
eaglespyharry was written on March 28, 2003

Just let me say....

Okay, Okay, there is no actual nudity from sexy Susanna and I'm sure there never will be. But the scene where she dances around wearing microscopic panties has got to be worth something...

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


she shows off her body at no point but just the idea of thinking what is behind that sheet is erotic.

duckem was written on March 17, 2001

very modest nude scene

Her father Tamar Simon Hoffs wrote and directed this movie so there is no way he will let his little girl show her assets to the world. She has a love scene with John Terlesky near the end of the movie. She is completely nude under the sheet as you can see the full length of her body but the same sheet covers the entire top area of her body (you can't even see the side of her breasts). And even when John is on top of her the sheet is between their bodies so the sex is not even simulated. However she has a good underwear scene in the middle of the movie.

John Terlesky
Derek was written on September 20, 1998

Love Scene

Love scene with Susanna Hoffs. He shows his rear briefly at an oblique angle. Should satiate tastes for those interested in Terlesky, who avoids nudity and hasn't been seen in a while.

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