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Allyson Is Watching's Sexy Actors

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Jennifer Hammon
RFA was written on February 27, 2000

Girl-Girl scene toward the end of the movie

The first thing is that you must get the unrated version. The R-rated version is a big waste of time and money! As a previous reviewer mentioned, there are three major sex scenes in this movie. The first one, as described already, is Jennifer and her boyfriend having sex in the back of a pickup truck. The second one is Jennifer taking off her clothes and masturbating to the sound of her next door neighbor having sex with a john. The third scene involves Jennifer and her next-door neighbor, the hooker. This is about as hot and steamy a girl-girl scene as you can find this side of XXX. If I didn't know better, I would wonder just how simulated the sex is. It is truly an incredible scene and ample reason in itself to purchase or rent the tape.

mth was written on July 12, 1999

she's has about 3 topless scenes

All of the scenes are good, but they are cut short because I watched the edited version, anyone have the unedited one? She's a babe!

Chicago was written on October 18, 2001

6 scenes

No doubt, Jennifer is a gorgeous babe...girl-next-door, country type...with smallish breasts and pretty decent nipples. At :05-:06.25, she has her sex scene in the back of a truck with her boyfriend...breasts only, though. The amount of time here is deceptive because the actual viewing time is minimal. At :13.25-:14.5, Jennifer strips out of her clothes and listens to Caroline sex a guy next door...breasts (a couple close up) and a nice squeeze of her one boob. Again, actual views are very minimal. At :29-:30.25, she has a photo shoot where there are several breast flashes and a little better view toward the end as the guy photographer tries to put the moves on her. At :34.25, there's a brief breast close-up. At :59-1:01.75 is her f/f with Caroline but the actual sex stuff is cut out (I doubt it was the edited version, but maybe it was). Afterward, the next morning, she's seen lying there and then sitting up talking to Caroline--breast shots. At 1:08.75-1:09.25, she takes off her bra giving a nice shot of the guy kissing her breast. Looks like Jennifer has done a few soaps...she's cute enough!

audiphile was written on August 2, 2004

Several topless scenes

Jennifer Hammon is a cutey-beauty, she looks a bit like a younger Sandra Bullock. And she's not a traditional B-actress, she used to be a daytime soap actress.

Her scenes in the unrated version (I am reviewing the DVD) are top notch, she shows all three B's, has a couple of love scenes, a topless masturbation scene, quick flash in photo session, and best of all, an excellent lesbo love scene with Caroline Ambrose, where you see all three B's. And in one cut, Caroline clearly has her fingers on Jennifer's nether region. Really HOT, especially considering this is Jennifer's only nude movie. In love scenes, she doesn't really hold back either, letting both sexes kiss and fondle her natural B cup's, and she does some kissing of the Caroline's silicone wonders too.

The R-rated version is not anywhere near as explicit, it would only rate Two Stars in comparison.

ndt531 was written on October 24, 1999

Nudity at the back of the truck

At the beginning of the movie, Jennifer and her boyfriend are having fun at the back of the track. The man is taking video shots of Jennifer and then they go on to make love. We see her lying naked on the truck showing everything (boobs and bush)and they proceeded to what lovers do. There are other notable scenes in this movie like the one when she is masturbating while peeking at the hole leading to the other room. Great movie and highly recommended.

Caroline Ambrose
Chicago was written on October 18, 2001

4 scenes

Caroline is the dark-haired gal with a British accent who, it looks like, played the mother in Deuce Bigalow?? At :13.75-:14.5, Caroline sexes a guy next door to the eavesdropping Jennifer--breasts as the guy takes off her bra...not great views though. At :21.75-:22.75, she does an S&M scene seen thru the peephole by Jennifer...again, not great views, but if you pause and go by frames, you can see the top of her trimmed pubes from the side toward the end. At :45.75, there's a 2 sec. close-up of her breast (must pause!) as her top comes down momentarily during a lapdance. At :59-1:01.75, Caroline's breasts are seen after sex with Jennifer (and partial side of ass) while lying on her side talking and then sitting up on bed. I must have seen the edited version because there wasn't any hot nude f/f action. Still, she's good looking as-is.

BushLeague was written on May 31, 2003

Lesbian clit finger and breast lick

2+1/2 *'s, but really hot body. She is laying on the bed with just garters and hose and show's her conical, symmetrical "enhanced natural" breasts. Another girl continually buffs her clit with her index finger and obscures her black, combed snatch patch while licking mostly her left side, being careful to give us an almost unobstructed view of her fit, but not buff body. She wiggles, but doesn't jiggle in delight.

Prosaic was written on August 11, 2014


00:15 Close ups of both breast

1:06 Medium shots of breast while she is with a client

Sean Thibodeau
bmg was written on January 7, 2000

Rear and pubes

Lots of rear and very brief, obscure pubes during outdoor sex scene.

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