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Lynette Walden
Immy was written on November 26, 2004

Two topless and one butt scene

Lynette is a red-headed cutie! Kind of a cross between Cindy Crawford and Sherilyn Fenn (and thankfully with Sherilyn's bustline). She has two love scenes with Michael Madsen and you see some decent boobage each time. In the second scene there's a slow pull-out showing her butt-naked backside. She seems a tad self-conscious about showing skin now and then, especially in a shot where she walks from a window to the bed, wearing only panties, she looks as if she's instinctively trying to cover her puppies with her arms. But she's still a hottie with a nice flat tummy and a shapely butt.

Michael Madsen
cecil was written on February 9, 2014

sex scene

Since his name is already entered here, I'll describe this almost-no-nudity. In the scene where he has sex with Lynette Walden on the sofa, the end scene shows them lying on their sides, her bare rear end exposed. He has his leg draped over hers and we can see his bare hip. Not worth watching for this.

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