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Rachel Dyer
Cyclone was written on October 18, 2002

A few scenes

Rachel gets nude almost immediately, showing us her butt a minute in, and revealing her great tits a minute after that. We get a few good looks at both her butt and breasts before the scene ends. Then, 15 minutes in, she's wearing an unbuttoned shirt for over a minute, and it's possible that there's a glimpse or two of nipple during this scene, although I can't say for sure. She does look great, though. And finally, 34 minutes in, we get a nice look from above when she's lying on a bed while topless. She then rolls over, and we get some side and near-frontal views of her breasts while she's riding a guy. We also get a brief side view of her ass and one boob while she's standing during this scene. Overall, some very nice exposure.

India Allen
sitcom was written on March 6, 2004



Cyclone was written on October 18, 2002

Tame nudity

India's best exposure comes near the 57 minute mark, when she's on her back and her lingerie is pulled down, revealing her large breasts. The scene ends with her covering them with her hands. Then, 64 minutes in, she briefly shows some ass, but nothing more. She does look excellent throughout the film, and she shows off her impressive cleavage in practically every scene she's in, but in terms of actual nudity, she sadly doesn't show us very much.

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