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Almost Pregnant's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Severance, Joan 4 Reviews
Roberts, Tanya 4 Reviews
Comshaw, Lisa 1 Review

Almost Pregnant's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Conaway, Jeff 1 Review
Calvin, John 1 Review
Adell, Steve 2 Reviews

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Joan Severance
BushLeague was written on July 18, 2002

Probably only in the unrated version

All scenes are in bedroom in Jeff. A body double is credited at the end. She probably does the "dance of the seven veils", although laterJoan proves she certainly could move her hips almost as well as the belly dancer. Her face is covered with a veil. Her large round symmetrical tits are visible during the dance, as well as the lower two-thirds of her legs. When the face veil is removed to show Joan's face, no tits are visible. This body double is such a perfect match for Joan (especially in the nose), I believe the body double to be a Red Herring from the "R" version! In another scene, it is definitely Joan. She is wearing an army shirt over panty hose(!) with the arms cut off. With the help of Jeff, she strips down to pantyhose and boots while her hair covers her tits. But the hair was not glued to her tits and falls away several times to reveal those luscious mammaries. During later sex scenes she is nude and only a vain attempt is made to cover her tits. She is also shown several times completely nude from the side and partial tits from the front. Has god invented a more gorgeous rack or face?--although the butt is a little to flat for my tastes.

dougal was written on September 27, 1999

Several scenes, some doubtful

Joan severance has several very sexy scenes in this film, mostly sexual horseplay, played at least somewhat for laughs.I am not sure that all of the shots that purport to be her necessarily are, however. In particular, the (very nice) shots of her torso with slides being projected on it, do not show her face, and the breasts do not seem quite right. Not a complaint, just a note about how puzzled I am at how this actress seems to mix in occasional body-double use for no real reason. It's not like she's shy!Note:The rating of three is mostly for the overall sexiness of her work in the film. The nudity (especially if my suspicions about the double are true) would probably only rate a 2 or even 1 on its own.

ff was written on June 15, 2004

not as good as Tanya Robert`s scenes but still quiet explicit

She first gets topless while dancing in a belly dancer outfit. Although her face is not clearly shown it`s definitely her. I mean her breasts seems to match and her nose and bone structure is the same it seems pretty ridiculous for other people to think that this scene was doubled since at one point her face was at the same shot. Not much is shown in this scene just a few flashes of breasts every now and then from a bit of a distance. the second scene is where she is performing a striptease for Jeff Conway you see her boobs from the side but the goods are mostly covered by her long hair with just occasional glimpses of nipple. The next one is a nice montage that inter cut between her having sex with Jeff Conway and Tanya`s scene with two other men. You first see her trying different sex positions but again her hair covers her breasts but we are treated to few shots of her butt however the camera angle never gives us a decent look at it either. Then you see her fooling around with whip cream giving us some more mediocre shots of her breasts and butt and maybe even a bit of bush. What follows is the scene that was done by a body double. You see both breasts clearly but her face is never on the shot and if you compare it to the other scenes her breasts don`t seem to match. then you see her in a pretty explicit scene where she goes at it doggy style but as usual not much is shown.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 21, 1999

A few nude scenes

Some brief full fronta, during a scene in which we see her try out a variety of sex positionsl and we do get some good glimpses of her breasts. As well as her behind when she dances around in a G-string.

Tanya Roberts
Le Voice ([email protected]) was written on October 28, 1998

What to expect

Some stupid story lines but great nude scenes:Joan Severance makes several appearancesPlenty of topless scenes for Ms. Roberts, several rear shots of her as well

BushLeague was written on July 18, 2002

UnRated version throughout movie.

In the unrated version, Tanya is seen doing it with three guys (at different times), from the top, rear, and side. In all scenes, at least her silicone tits and top torso are visible. When she gets it from the rear and in the missionary position, it is full length nudity and borders on porno. I kept hoping to see a dick, but no luck. There are also a couple of scenes where "Gordon" is writing poetry on a piece of paper using her bare butt as a writing surface (from Dangerous Liaisons). This chicks curves just never stop! Overall this is one of my favorite sex movies by a couple of mainstream actresses. Witty, intelligent, sexy, with more than your average amount of nudity!

crazy was written on December 29, 1999

arousing but too fast

There is a very erotic sex scene a few minutes into the film where Roberts gives us some extremely arousing sex flicks through a 'microscope'. But the scene was over before it even started. There's another scene later in the movie where she is getting it from the rear. But again, it was just too brief. And like many of Robert's movies, there is a lack of lower frontal nudity. Even when it is there, it happens so fast you would have to use slow/pause to notice it. But aside from these complaints, she has the absolutely most perfect tits and nipples!!! Just this is enough to make any guy get off.

axl was written on September 27, 1999

Unrated version

There is an un rated version of this tape in which you see Tanya getting it doggy style and you see her full frontal.

Lisa Comshaw
ff was written on June 15, 2004

body double for Tanya Roberts

She body doubles for Tanya Roberts. There is a nice close up of her lovely bum. And some nice close up of her breasts. It could be possible that she is also the body double for Joan Severance but I`m not sure.

Jeff Conaway
GDH was written on September 25, 2001


During a sex scene with Tanya Roberts, the top half of Conaway's backside is very clearly shown - unfortunately the sheets cover the bottom half. Later, in a sex scene with Joan Severance, we get several quick views of his bum from various angles - the best being a side view.

John Calvin
GDH was written on September 23, 2001


Calvin is the man Tanya Roberts chooses to father her baby (she can only hope that any children fathered by him don't share his predilection for foolish facial hair). During a sex scene with Roberts we get some good side views of his perky backside, and a brief full view of it when he rolls off her.

Steve Adell
GDH was written on September 26, 2001

Backside and 'half frontal'

Adell features in two love scenes with Tanya Roberts; in both of which you see his bum. In the first one you also get the quickest view of part of his penis and his testicles.

Derek was written on April 11, 1999

Love scenes

Very nice shots of the handsome and muscular Adell. A round perfect ass shown to good effect in a dream sequence wherein a husband envisions his wife with another man. Looking forward to more of this dude.

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