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Melanie Griffith
thedoc was written on November 13, 2001


This movie is a heartfelt romance, but it has a bare body. The scene is as follows: Patrick Swayze is stopping to get a room for him and Melanie Griffith. He is in the process of paying when the owner of the motel asks if melanie is with him. He says "Yes what is a matter." The owner says that she is buck naked swimming in the pool. He (Patrick) asks for a towel to put over her. You get a distant shot of Melanie on the diving board and than a bit closer shot showing her fabulous breasts and her crotch. The crotch hair is cut into a little strip. This is definently her because you see her face and there is no body suit because I see her butt crack apart for a brief second. She is still hot.

Dante9703 was written on February 4, 2005

Pool scene

Although the scene includes full frontal nudity I'm not sure that it is really Melanie as you can't see her face clearly. The character stands on a diving board naked and we get to see her from the other side of the pool, even when she pulls her hair away from her face, her face is not clear. Later when talking to Patrick by the side of the pool she pulls away and it looks like she is wearing something over her breasts, suggesting that she was not willing to do any nudty in this film. Also, Melanie is wearing earrings that sparkle frequently which appear to be missing when the character is on the diving board. Even so, it is still a very good scene. If I was sure that it was Melanie I would definitely give this 4 stars.

LeroyBrown was written on May 5, 2002

Full frontal but distant

As described by the others she was on the diving board totally naked. But it was too far to be appreciated. You can't quite make out her face too well. Her breasts look good but her hips seems rounder (flab?) nevertheless she looked very good. If that is her. Moving the camera closer by about 10 feet or using a telephoto lens would have been great. The film was also called "Forever Lulu".

Popmuse was written on November 17, 2001

naked by the pool !

What a treat !
Mélanie is seen fully naked in this scene ! Ok the shot is from a distance but we definitely get to see her wonderful breasts and her pubic area... Melanie is still very hot and she's trimmed her pubic hair in a very sexy way... She only has a narrow and thin strip of it left... How sensuous ! I have always found her quite attractive so I'm delighted to see that she is still so appealing at 40 something...

voyeur was written on March 1, 2002

Scene on diving board

It's Melanie alright, but it's sad to see that her once-terrific figure has frankly become bloated. Even at a distance, you can't hide it.Everyone should know how to quit when they're
ahead. Leave us with memories of the glorious days,Melanie

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