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Alpha Dog's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wilde, Olivia 4 Reviews
Wahlquist, Heather 2 Reviews
Seyfried, Amanda 2 Reviews
Heard, Amber 3 Reviews

Alpha Dog's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Yelchin, Anton 5 Reviews
Hirsch, Emile 4 Reviews
Foster, Ben 2 Reviews

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Olivia Wilde
erect-nipple-lover was written on February 5, 2011

Olivia Wilde performs a blowjob

One of the main reasons for watching Alpha Dogs is to see Olivia Wilde’s yummy nipples and watch as she performs an under the covers blowjob.
The great scene takes place in a motel room, where she strips and comes tantalizingly close to giving up her furburger, before jumping into bed with her boyfriend. As she’s getting into bed, note how her breasts bounce around like pointed pendulums.
We get a couple of brief views of her nipples before she goes under the covers to give her boyfriend a blowjob. When she comes up for breath, she sits up in the bed, giving us good views her proud breasts, each capped off by near perfect nipples. No need for any support for these lovely little titties – they naturally point upwards on their own!
She has smooth, well rounded areola capped off with semi erect, pencil eraser nipples.
I love watching gorgeous actresses performing blowjobs, and in terms of performance, each of her pert pokies is easily worth two points, making for four points all together.

lattara was written on April 24, 2007

Unsuccessful sex scene

Olivia has the best female nude scene in this movie when towards the end of the film, on the run with her boyfriend, she and he begin to have sex in a motel room. She undresses quickly giving brief breast views and a side view of her lower half (just missing exposing her pubic region) and then there are more brief breast views as they begin to have sex - something they can't complete as her boyfriend can't get an erection. Despite her attentions under the covers the situation continues so she sits up in bed and they argue for a while. During the argument her shapely medium- sized breasts with dark nipples are above the sheet and well-displayed in good light.

Ghostwords was written on June 16, 2012

Motel mammaries

Some of the folks here are overly breast-fixated. Ms Wilde's are firm and nicely curved, and topped with very pretty nipples -- plus they're on view for ages in this scene, towards the close of the film.

All that could add to the excitement would be if the camera had dropped ever so slightly (there are three moments when we're teased with near-glimpses of her fun factory: as her jeans are pulled out, as she gets into bed and as the sheet is pulled down a little as her boyfriend storms off).

Screencaps: http://www.celebritymoviearchive.com/tour/movie.php/25659

BMac was written on December 8, 2007

one hand clapping

As I was saying before I was interrupted, Olivia Wilde's bare breasts barely rate a star-and-a-half in in the size department, but they're a solid 2-and-a-half in attractiveness. If you're a fan, this well-lit scene is well worth checking out. For others, it may leave you, like Olivia, wanting more.

Heather Wahlquist
lattara was written on April 24, 2007

Behind and possible brief breasts

The movie cuts to a scene of Heather being taken from behind by the Ben Foster character. Her large possibly silconed-up breasts are at the bottom of the screen and there may have been brief nipple nudity as the scene began. Shortly afterwards we see her come out of the bedroom with a pillow clutched to her front but with her buttocks on display.

BMac was written on December 8, 2007

Half star

Brief, partial views; not worth mentioning except for completeness.

Amanda Seyfried
lattara was written on April 24, 2007

Probable double - if anything can be seen anyway

I'm including Amanda as, having seen this movie on the big screen, I can't categorically rule out brief nudity from her. She and Amber Heard strip off at the side of a pool before diving in. There are shots in underwear and then a rear topless view as she removes her bra - her breasts are not visible. There is then a brief long shot from the front of Amanda diving into the pool, but it's not absolutely clear how much her breasts are revealed due to the distance between camera and subject - I couldn't help feeling that there might have been some kind of flesh-coloured "modesty leotard" - and given the length of shot, this could have been a double in any case. There's quite a long scene with her in the pool but only her head and shoulders are ever above water and nothing significant can be seen below the waterline.

BMac was written on December 8, 2007

Nice breasts, poor view

Amanda Seyfried easily has the best breasts in this movie, so it's unfortunate the only real view is shot from across a pool at about 1:19. Although the overall scene is night, Amanda is softly lit from above and below, so as she dives you get a quick view of her good-size boobs followed by her nice ass. At least three stars for quality, but the shot isn't good enough.

Amber Heard
lattara was written on April 24, 2007

Possible brief breast view

Amber is the other actress who goes skinny-dipping along with Amanda Seyfried. As with Amanda, there's no clear nudity on the side of the pool (as far as I noticed - I was concentrating on Amanda!), but unlike Amanda once Amber is in the pool her breasts rise above the waterline very briefly on a couple of occasions. The combination of body motion, the briefness of the exposure and the water mean it's difficult to confirm definite nipple sightings from a theatrical viewing. One for slo-mo on DVD.

cndb2 was written on June 4, 2007

skinny dipping

On the dvd version there is a brief right nipple flash when Amber strips just before diving in the pool. Once she is in the pool there is a quick left nipple flash but it might be covered by a pastie. The pool scene starts at 1:17.

BMac was written on December 8, 2007


There's a quick view of Amber Heard's cute little boobies as she strips to jump into the pool. Like all the other nude scenes in this movie, it could be better, but cuts quickly to a reaction shot.

Anton Yelchin
Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 1, 2007

undeveloped butt

A teenaged boy strips down to join skinnydipping women in a pool. You can see his butt, but it's hairless, pale, and unappealing. The unripenss of his butt, and body, is a testament to his age, and possibly immaturity.

BMac was written on December 8, 2007

Half star

As noted, there's a very quick view of Anton Yelchin's scrawny ass in the pool scene about 1:18.

tushlover was written on June 10, 2007

Nude scene?????

Refer to my review on this movie of Emile Hirsch.

The video that is for rent from blockbuster shows no no nuditity unless you have the eyes of a Night Owl, and even then you would only see the very top of his ass. To say that this scene as shot at night is an understatement.

Don't waste your money renting it for the :nudity" because it isn't there.

I don't understand the positive reviews that some posters have viewd the nudity in this movie. Maybe they saw in in the theater on the big screen, and the scenes were filmed in much light. That's all I can figure.

spankaddict was written on February 8, 2008

skinny dipping

I don't what version the rest of the people here saw, but you can clearly see his butt. the zoom option in the dvd player might help alot too. But you do get to see a full shot from behind.

I gave him two stars because he is to skinny and as a consequence his butt is skinny and not very atractive. Maybe i he puts up about 5 to 10 pounds he would look more like an older teenager rather than a little kid.

tushlover was written on February 9, 2008

NO nude scene by Yelchin

Excuse me for appearing to argue, Mr. spank, but there is NO DVD player on the market with a zoom feature. What are you talking about?????

Emile Hirsch
Ceallachain was written on February 10, 2007

Olivia Wilde/Emile Hirsch Scene

Olivia Wilde's character asks Hirsch if he wants to have sex, and they undress and climb into bed (we see her bare breasts and buttocks and his bare buttocks); they kiss, she makes a remark about his lack of arousal, she moves under the sheets, we hear slurping and moaning, he still can't get it up, they argue, and the scene ends.

Pretty good scene from Mischa Barton's ex-tongue partner on "The O.C."

Others are claiming Amanda Seyfried's breasts are visible in an earlier scene, but I didn't catch it. A skinny dipping scene happens quickly and in the dark. Anyone see anything?

Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 1, 2007

Don't forget the male nudity!

This man gets out of bed and we get shots of his ass. His ass is firm and better than the other male asses in the film. The room is dimly lit, so we don't get to see his penis, even though the camera doesn't do anything to block them out. I think the lack of frontal is meant to back up the impotency of the character. This guy is not cute, but I enjoyed his backside.

tushlover was written on June 4, 2007

Emile's butt scene

Very disappointing. You can tell he is naked but the room is virtually dark, so there is virtually nothing to see. Had the lights been on it probably would have been a worthwhile scene.

BMac was written on December 8, 2007

Brief buns

Yes, the otherwise below-average Emile Hirsch has firm buns, which can be seen clearly but briefly in this scene at 1:47. If you rent edited movies from Blockbuster Video, chances are you won't see much of anything.

Ben Foster
Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 1, 2007

defecating butt

He pulls down his pants in order to take a crap on the main character's rug. I'm not into scat, so I quickly looked the other way. I also didn't understand if this character was supposed to be a Jewish man, a Nazi sympathizer, or both.

BMac was written on December 8, 2007

Crappy shot

Since Foster is squatting in a fairly dark room, this is not a good view. It's quick and he's not otherwise good-looking, so there's really negative attraction.

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