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Eliza Dushku
mcjw2011 was written on May 31, 2009

Faith finally shows her Slayeriffic rack

Remember long ago when Dushku famously declared "You have a better chance of seeing God than seeing me naked"? Well, it seems that's not true, as Dushku shows off her rack in a medium, well-lit shots as she changes clothes. Unlike in the previous review, you actually get a brief but FANTASTIC look at both tits this Boston babe's kept clothed since her "Buffy" days. Granted, this scene is lacking (no glimpses of her other two 'B's), but I'm not complaining about her firm, natural tits. Hopefully Buffy herself is not far behind.

GeeSpot was written on January 1, 2009

Right Breast and nipple!

You can clearly see her right breast and nipple as she changes by the locker!!!

AWESOME!!! Her best nudity to date!!!

Fatjak was written on June 18, 2009

At long last...

This is really only a 1 or 2-star scene at best, but I'm adding a bit due to reviewer bias. Dushku's been holding out on the goodies since her Buffy debut in 1998, so its nice to finally see her get her kit off.

The scene itself is very fast and consists only of an angled shot of her upper torso (face included to confirm authenticity, at least)as she changes from a hospital gown into a shirt. The view isn't terribly flattering and lacks a bit of detail, though the fullness and shape of her right breast is clearly discernible. Little bit of sag to it, as one would expect of a 30-year old woman with reasonably large, natural breasts. Not at all unpleasant, however. Clear shot of nipple is included and, for reference, her breasts have relatively wide (but very pale) pink areolae. The nipples themselves are also pink, but only half-erected as she changes, so their size and full shape cannot be further detailed.

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