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Brown, Blair 6 Reviews

Altered States' Sexy Actors

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Blair Brown
DevilSnake was written on July 26, 2000

psychedelic skin

Blair Brown has a very pretty face...soft and sensuous. Plus, she gets naked! First in a lovemaking scene where her cute little titties are all sweaty. Then during a hallucination scene where a lizard turns into a topless Brown...then Brown turns to sand and blows away. Finally during the films wild climax she shows her wonderful buns, which just beg to be squeezed.

Spaceman was written on March 26, 2001

Peyote Inspired Free Love and Freak-out.

Blair Brown is definitely a real hot gem in this trippy picture. The first scene is lovemaking, where we get a view of her breasts and assorted skin. Brown seems to let loose, revealing herself completely in the altogether. Another scene (the peyote ritual) Brown is poised like a lizard, showing her ample breasts again, as well as a side glance of her nude butt. There are some trippy sequences where her nude body is suspended in the air, altho they're somewhat short and hazy. After the apocalyptical freakout, there is a few more lovemaking nude scenes which works well as an interlude piece. In the final scene (the final freakout) Brown is shown nude in the hallway; finally concluding the trip with her bare buns that stick out nicely. When Altered States was released on NBC this final scene was unedited, so the viewer got an aftermath of the usual 1970's streaking formula.

Bushyboy was written on February 15, 2008


After Hurt raises his head from Brown's tits, DVD - watch the scene cuts. You see both tits/nipples-cut to Hurt-cut back to see both tits/nipples again-cut to Hurt-cut back to see...both tits with VERY hard erect nipples, all this in good lighting close up! Both nipples were hard during the dream sequence also.

Dante9703 was written on January 14, 2005

Breasts a few times

Actually I'd give this a **1/2 for it's rarity value as Blair only has a nipple flash in one other film. There are three scenes with nudity in this film. After about 10 minutes she is having sex with William Hurt and we see her sweaty breasts briefly during sex and then more clearly when they chat afterwards. She is also naked during a hallucinatory episode experienced by Hurt at about 35 minutes. She is lying on her front and we can clearly see her breasts and also get a hint of butt. At the very end of the film she is talking to Hurt in their hallway and he has another episode and rips off her towel. We get the briefest flash of breast and then at the end of the scene we clearly see her butt as she sits on the floor hugging Hurt. Not my favourite actress but the scenes are nice. You can practically guarantee that there will be nudity in a Ken Russell film.

OneMoreReviewer was written on January 18, 2003

Not as good as I'd been lead to believe

I first saw this on Sky 1 (like a cable channel I guess) So I assumed it was uncut, until I came here and read about sex scenes and lizard morphing. So the next day I rushed out and rented it from the local video store. Crappy VHS quality asside I was let down. She does have a gorgeous face and ass (big, but still good), but her breasts in the sex scene just weren't that sexy in size and shape. It was also very dark and only really showed flashes. The lizard bit was the best for nudity but I couldn't make out her nipples or but crack and she barely moved. Then at the end we see her ass and back (which was the only nudity I saw on the cut version) but she was sitting on the floor. A shame really. But I am looking at it with new-age eyes (it was made a year after I was born) so it might have been a big deal back then, I don't know.

Mikey123 was written on June 8, 1999

Several scenes of extensive nudity

The fabulous red-head does several scenes of extensive nudity and shows everything except pubes. In one scene, she has sex with William Hurt, after which they talk for awhile, all the time her hard nipples (and sweaty breasts) are right there. You can make out so much detail of her nipple in the DVD version that it blew me away. In a few dream sequences, she is topless. In the final scene in the film, she is nude from behind revealing what may be the softest and nicest buns I've ever seen.

William Hurt
Bushyboy was written on February 15, 2008

coming out of tank

With the dvd, there's a ~1 second peek of his dick from the side as he's dragged out of the tank onto the floor onto his back. His butt is on view several times during the movie.

murray was written on September 21, 1998

numerous scenes

Hurt is nude quite a bit in this movie. We see all sorts of angles, but no clear view of his penis. The best scene shows his ass and legs close-up in the shower as he looks down to see his body transforming.

celebrity was written on January 20, 1999

several nude shots

probably the best moment for hurt fans comes when he stumbles out of an isolation tanks and has to lie down on the floor. if you pause just right, you can see his penis sticking out a little to the side. it look suprisingly small. however, he has just come out of water, so he might've been cold. he has some blood on his face, so this is not the most erotic of situations. otherwise, a few full-body butt shots will sure to please Hurt fans. his body is in very good shape. mildly satisfying for non-hurt fans.

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