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Tina Romero
muckster was written on February 24, 2007

Dark, mad and bewitching

Alucarda is a dazzling Mexican horror in the Hammer tradition of blood, breasts and flames, but taking the genre to new heights of eroticism and surrealism. The costumes and sets are original and bizarre, and the action cliched but camp and hysterical.

Orphaned at birth, Alucarda is rushed to a convent to be brought up by the nuns in the company of other orphan girls. But it's clear that darker forces got to her first when she involves her newly-arrived friend Justine in a naked midnight blood ritual presided over by a malevolent gypsy king. They go on to attend a woodland witch's sabbath, where the girls are clothed but all the other participants are naked. It comes as no surprise when the girls start interrupting Bible classes with satanic chanting. The shocked nuns indulge in bouts of hysterical bare-backed (but unfortunately not bare-breasted) self-flagellation, as the plot moves towards a deadly orgy of fire and destruction.

Tina's single nude scene is the blood pact with Justine, where she is suddenly completely naked, arched over backwards, holding a dagger and screaming for Beelzebub. Her small breasts and large untidy black bush are visible for some time, and we catch a glimpse of her bottom as she kneels down.

In the role of Alucarda Tina Romero gives a truly unforgettable performance. Her compelling on-screen persona is dark, strange and almost, but not quite, beautiful. I found her adorable, despite her hysterical fits of screaming, mad gurning and hair-tearing, and vengeful rains of hell-fire. She's like a mad puppy-dog that rips a newspaper out of your hands and tears it to shreds before your eyes. You just can't help forgiving her and giving her a gentle tickle behind the ear.

get-a-life-bushleague was written on July 13, 2003

The title role goes to this petite fox, who gets fully nude but not as much as Susana. She is naked during their pact, and at one point begins bending backward during some possessed freak out, thrusting her bush out in the act.

As I said, great film with hot babe nudity. Not a lot of it, but what there is is stunning. There is also a short scene in the film of some kind of satanic orgy and there are dozens of naked people running in a circle and groping each other.

Susana Kamini
muckster was written on February 24, 2007

Never make friends with a girl who dresses all in black and has the name of a famous vampire spelled backwards

Susana plays Justine, a young girl recently orphaned and sent to stay in a convent. A melancholy fate, but soon she chummies up with a dark, strange but seemly gentle girl called Alucarda, and in no time they're going on idyllic nature rambles together, laughing and rolling in the long grass. But events take a tragic turn for Justine when they encounter a sinister band of gypsies, and Alucarda drags her to an abandoned mausoleum and starts proposing terrifying death pacts.

Alucarda is a terrific camp horror film despite the silly plot, partly based on Carmilla, but not worth going into any further. Susana carries the main burden of the nudity with three long scenes where the whole of her body is clearly visible. First there's a naked blood ritual with Alucarda, with breast cutting and a little kissing. Then she spends a long time tied to a cross with needles being stuck into her naked flesh in search of the Devil's mark, before being cut down dead and lowered into the arms of the Mother Superior. Finally, she?s discovered naked in a coffin of blood, and emerges still drenched in blood for a top cat-fight.

Susana has a delicate and wistful beauty, and carries the air of a natural victim about her, which makes her naked sufferings seem all the more intense. The only slight complaint I have about the film is that she seems too mature to be playing a young girl, and the story would be more powerful if Justine had been corrupted as an older governess to Alucarda rather than as a friend.

get-a-life-bushleague was written on July 13, 2003

3 nude views of this very hot babe. First is when she's on her knees making a pact with Alucarda and the devil. Not much bush shown. Second is much better: she's tied up on a Y-shaped cross, fully nude for a long period. 3rd time she's nude but

A mexican sleaze/horror film (not a common site), which is actually quite good and loaded with satanic chants and evil doings. She plays Justine, a goody-goody nun in a convent who gets converted to satanism by Alucarda. This film could fit comfortably in with the best of Eurosleaze, and outdoes many of that genre's classics in sheer storytelling. Unfortunately there's no real lesbianism or sex scenes (1975), but Alucarda licks some blood off of her tit during their pact.

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