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Melissa Leo
Immy was written on August 27, 2006

Nude (1:33)

At the end of the film Melissa, a cute redhead, is seen frolicking nude in a swimming pool during a Fourth of July party. You have to slow it down but her boobs and butt (no pubes) are visible as she jumps onto an inflatable raft. As the camera pulls out her boobs are again seen as she waves a sparkler around but she's farther away at this point. The fact that most everyone around her is clothed and isn't prudish about her nudity makes this a carefree and sexy scene.

Joanna Frank
Immy was written on August 27, 2006

Left breast (0:57)

Joanna is taking a bath while Henry Jaglom stands and talks to her. She's sprinkling hot chocolate mix into the water explaining that chocolate causes the brain to simulate the same feeling as being in love. O-kay. Anyway her left boob peeks out of the water every now and then over the next three minutes.

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