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2000 Naked News 3 Reviews

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Naked News (2000)
WLoomis was written on September 17, 2001


What was to like? She had nice breasts, but they didn't fit her body right. She also had this very uppity attitude. She read headlines in the buff, but she thought she was presiding over royalty. Her picture and bio are gone, I guess that means she's gone.

Senator was written on September 16, 2001

yes, I agree

I totally agree with RanmaSaotome

RanmaSaotome was written on March 31, 2001

I don't find her very attractive

She made her first appearance this past March 12th, she has large floppy breasts and can't seem to decide what color her hair should be. She is blonde through the 21st, then has her hair died black on the 22nd. On the 24th she is blonde again, and then since the 26th she is back to black hair. Whats up with that? (actually, my guess is that they shot her part of the weekend (24th) show before she died her hair black.)

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