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Elizabeth Berridge
gordonliu was written on February 22, 2005

Dumplings in Director's Cut

We finally get to see her full plump knockers after we are teased by her plunging kneckline for the first half of the film. She has quite large areolas and erect nipples in the two extended glimpses we get. Watch those babies jiggle as she chucks a candle stick whilst topless! Grade A Boobage.

BMac was written on May 21, 2008

Great boobs

A nice surprise in the latest version of this enjoyable movie comes at about 1:07. In good light, Elizabeth Berridge presents a clear view of her shapely medium-large breasts. That's it, there's no sex and overall, she's pretty rather than beautiful, but the quality of Berridge's cleavage elevates this to three stars.

zendawg was written on September 5, 2006

deleted scene

In a deleted scene available on DVD, Constanze (Berridge) strips for Salieri. After slowly removing her Eighteenth-century finery, there is a lingering full frontal shot of her nude from the waist up. The view is magnificent and worth tracking down.

trapdog was written on June 18, 2006

Favors for wolfgang

OK when I first saw this movie in the teaters I thought it was an incredible film. So her comes the DVD and the director's cut with the beautiful breasts. So watch the film for the quality and enjoy the nice extras

sonic007 was written on April 16, 2002

Standing topless in her bloomers

About an hour in to the 180 minute R-rated "Director's Cut" version of the movie, Constanze succumbs to Salierie's demands hoping to win her husband favor. She opens her bodice and reveals her large lovely breasts. This scene is one of many reasons to see this wonderful film again.

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

cleavage paradise!

She is a real cuttie, and although we don't get more than a second where her breasts actually come close to poping out... the movie is so good!

dash77 was written on December 31, 2014

bare breasts in the director's cut

In this scene, which is available only in the director's cut of the movie, not the original theatrical release, Elizabeth is shown topless in front of Salieri. It is a good scene and a nice view of her breasts. Because she flaunts her cleavage a lot throughout the movie, and we didn't get to see this in the original movie, we are yearning for a peak at what Elizabeth has to offer. It is therefore a great feeling to finally see what has up top.

gun_will_travel was written on April 18, 2002

It's about damn time

I can't believe they waited 8 years to release the Director's Cut, and for some assinine reason they finally released it in the theater, so we would have to wait for the DVD. Better late than never, I guess! Can't wait for the DVD release of the Director's Cut to see if there's even more.

guyflyer was written on January 5, 2000

Very brief breasts

As she is lifted onto the stage to meet the Emperor her breasts pop out. This movie stands alone and is worth renting for the story. Besides there's tons and tons of cleavage

Moonman was written on October 12, 2002

Exposing herself to Salieri

Yes, finally. In the Director's Cut, released 2002, Constanze agrees to "give something back" to Salieri in exchange for him helping Mozart. Slowly, she undresses, all the layers, and we get to see her beautiful, huge breasts for about five seconds. Her lovely cleavage is what I remember the best the last time I saw this great movie, almost ten years ago. It was worth the wait.

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