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1997 Breast Men 5 Reviews

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Breast Men (1997)
Alphonse was written on November 1, 2000

way small breasts

Amanda, who plays Meghan on Felicity, has a brief nude scene near the beginning of this movie. She's standing in front of a mirror rubbing breast enhancement cream on her very small (they may be just nipples) breasts. Wonderful for fans of small tits, interesting for fans of Felicity.

BMac was written on April 6, 2007

Amanda Foreman wins No-Boobie Prize

Known only for her role in "Felicity," the show for, by and about flat-chested girls, Amanda Foreman exposes her shortcomings, perhaps to prove she's even flatter than Keri Russell. At 2:26-:35, as David Schwimmer watches through a window, Foreman pulls pads out of her little bra, which is clearly too big for her, then takes it off and rubs "breast enhancement cream" on her hopeless chest. Normally that would be worth a star no matter what, but Amanda Foreman challenges Carly Pope for the dubious title of the most flat-chested girl ever featured on North American television. And as the other viewers say, Foreman's areolas seem oversized in comparison to the nothing but nipples plain. Size is not the only factor in sexiness, but Foreman's breastless pecs look terrible by any standard. Despite all the bad boob jobs on display in this movie, you may want to give generously to the Implants for Amanda Foreman Fund.

Senator was written on July 11, 2001

not good for fans of small tits!

This movie certianly didn't get a lot of good looking breasts! Since you are clearly not a fan of small breasts I will let you know, their appeal is their shape and resistance to gravity. They are tight, shaped naturally, hang well and perfectly up, and are just the right handful...

this woman's breasts are neither shapped well or gravity resistant, therefore, she is not a case of good little breasts... moreover, about your comment "they are all nipple"... well, yes and that is another problem, saucer nipples (something I find terribly gross) and almost never present on people with small chests (another advantage) but since she is, it is all the worse!

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

Rubbing goo on boobs

Not that hot, ugly looking breasts too

sirspread was written on March 30, 2005


right at the start we see her very small breasts which are very unappealing even for small breast lovers

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