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year title
2000 Britannic 1 Review
1998 Elizabeth 4 Reviews
1997 Metroland 3 Reviews

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year title
2004 Shameless (UK) 1 Review
1997 Hunger, The 2 Reviews

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Shameless (UK) (2004)
Ghostwords was written on February 5, 2007

Police corruption (ep. 4.6)

As policewoman Carrie, Ms Ryan teases the two male cops she's staying with in order to get them not to report her excessively violent behaviour. At one point she borrows a pair of the older cops's boxers and we get a brief glimpse of her butt under a robe (he claims later that he saw "muff", but we sure don't); she also takes a pee whilst the other guy's in the bath, but again nothing of any consequence is visible.

Hunger, The (1997)
sirspread was written on January 7, 2003

stripping down to black knickers

a nice scene of amanda stripping down to her knickers and suspenders showing her small but fantastic breasts wow

duckem was written on November 12, 2000

several topless love scenes

Unrated version. Episode: "The Swords" (which available on 3-episode video alongwith episodes Necros with Celine Bonnier and Menage A Trois with Lena Headey). She has several topless love scenes in this episode but managed to keep on her black panties . Very nice breats and in one shot her nipples look awfully erect.

Britannic (2000)
tickledick was written on December 24, 2004

See thru/ some breast

She disrobes in the cabin, in good lighting, allowing us a view of her breasts through gaps in the material of her underwear. We also see some of her breast in profile as the shirt is lowered, but the lighting isn't so good and a man's hand quickly covers her flesh.

Elizabeth (1998)
axl was written on January 16, 2000

topless scene

Amanda has a great sex scene with some guy before she betrays him to the queens guards. She is beautiful and has a great bod.

lattara was written on March 17, 2001

Dark sex scene

The sex scene other reviewers have mentioned is fairly short and not well lit although Amanda's breasts are visible in the gloom. There's also a brief scene earlier in the movie where she appears in a virtually transparent gown through which her breasts are clearly visible.

alekhidell was written on November 12, 1999

sex scene

She is having sex with one guy, and her breasts are fully visible, but no full frontal cause the guy is on top of her. Later when people break into the room, her breasts are visible again, and it might be possible to see her butt as she jumps out of bed.

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

cute addition to the movie... but not who I really wanted to see

This is one of my three favorite movies of all time... and I will say that this lady is pretty hot having sex with even this, a rather ugly man...

Metroland (1997)
Know-it-all was written on October 1, 2000

Attempted seduction

Miss Ryan played the Duke Of Norfolk's mistress in "Elizabeth", and performed a memorable nude scene in that film. In "Metroland", she tries to seduce the Christian Bale character at a party. They go off together for privacy, and she strips and reclines on the bed, waiting for hin to finish. A completely nude beautiful woman, relaxing on a bed while resting on one elbow is a sight not to be missed. Her hair is dark and short in this film, and she kind of reminds me of Nicole DeBoer. We get long, ample views of her pert little breasts and a quick glimpse of her dark bush when she changes positions. Her breasts are exposed for a healthy length of time. Couple this with Emily Watson's sexy presence, and a pretty cool set of performances, and you get an interesting film to look for.

sirspread was written on April 12, 2004

good look at breasts

about 1hr 20 mins we see her very nice breasts (small) for a nice length of time.she isnt bad looking to boot

RichT was written on November 26, 2001

Why has this cutie turned into such a porker ?

In this film Amanda is extremely sexy. She has a great body, and shows it ALL off in the bedroom scene (although a bit more bush would have "gone down" well). Sadly she has since put on a fair bit of weight, and is now not nearly as sexy when she stars in the British TV drama "attachments"

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