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Amanda & the Alien's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Meneses, Alex 5 Reviews

Amanda & the Alien's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Bendetti, Michael 3 Reviews

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Alex Meneses
Cyclone was written on July 23, 2002

Two scenes

About 23 minutes into the movie, Alex gets naked for a shower, and we get a good side view of her nice breasts, followed by a brief look at her butt, and a second peek at her boobs from the side. Then, 35 minutes in, during a sex scene, we get some more side views of her butt and boobs, along with quick shots of her chest when she's on her back, and then sitting up slightly, after the sex is over. An attractive woman, but unfortunately, her only great exposure comes from a side angle...the rest of her nudity is too quick.

what_ever was written on March 29, 2001

shower scene and sex scene

We get a great look at her medium sized breasts as she strips down in addition to a very nice look at her ass as she walks in to the shower (where she feels “fresh and free”).
Later she is riding a guy and we get a few more shots of her breasts plus a very interesting display of a coffee machine.

wr135 was written on December 24, 2006

shower and love scene

very beautiful girl with nice rack. Best scenes are in the first hour of the movie. She plays the host body for an alien and takes a shower nice scene of her breasts with nicole eggert also in the shower with her. then later she has sex with nicole's ex to consume his body. several nice shot's of her boobs in this movie too. good movie nicole eggert is also very hot but not nude

MrBungle was written on December 18, 1999

breasts in shower

You see her breasts as Nicole Egert helps her get undressed before she gets into the shower and while shes in the shower. Its about 10 second scene. If you're a fan of that shortlived Showtime series Sherman Oaks, she played the sexy Mexican maid.

karmatramp was written on March 25, 2001

seriously HOT girl

I think i saw a longer version of this movie than the other reviewer. Alex Meneses is the host body for this alien, and she's "hungry". So after her shower with Nicole Eggert (who should've been naked too), she manages to seduce this guy, and rides him for all she's worth. Saw it on cable a couple years ago, and it's still a memorable scene.

Michael Bendetti
culero was written on December 11, 2002

walking in room and sitting down on couch

Extremely handsome guy plays an alien who walks into the living room completely naked and sits down on the couch between two CIA agents. The scene is played for laughs and most of the nudity is coyly/conveniently covered by objects in the foreground. However, you get a brief glimpse of a great ass. It truly is a wonderful butt, but much too brief to warrant more than 3 stars.

Derek was written on December 7, 1998

Entering room naked

Playing an alien, Bendetti enters a room with a girl and two male cops while he is nude. He sits down between the two cops, thus freaking them out. We see only his rear, and a little rear in a love scene.

ddiggler was written on August 18, 2001

Buns while walkings into room

The extremely handsome ex-'21 Jump Street' actor
shows his very sexy ass in this movie. The actor
walks proudly into a room with two cops sat on a
sofa looking at his frontal view (lucky cops!),
giving us, the viewers, a full view of his rear.
He walks towards the cops & bends over to sit down
between them. Unfortunately a carefully placed
object on the table prevents a view of Bendetti's
package, hence three stars instead of four!...

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