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Amandas Diary 4's Sexy Actresses

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Wilde, Cassandra 1 Review
Evans, Sophie 1 Review
Electra, Carmen 1 Review
Covet, Monique 1 Review

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Cassandra Wilde
Khawaja30 was written on December 6, 2001

Two Scenes!

The lesbian scene is actually an extra on the Sex Shot DVD. It is a good scene, and Cass looks cute in platts. The next is Cass and Monique with an artist guy. Fairly good.

Sophie Evans
Khawaja30 was written on December 6, 2001

Last Scene

The usually hot Sophie sports a crap hair cut which takes away if you've seen her in other films like Italian Flair, although it is intertwined with a scene from Monique.

Carmen Electra
Khawaja30 was written on December 6, 2001


In a scene with Cass and Monique, she might as well not exist! Two guys seperate the three girls, but the scene focusses mainly on Carmen. She has long black hair and is fairly good looking.

Monique Covet
Khawaja30 was written on December 6, 2001


Monique is a busty blonde beauty, who even manages to over shadow Cassandra in terms of beauty. The opening scene is quite simply the sexiest. All private acts are explicit, straight, oral and anal sex.

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