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Amazon Jail's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Hartmann, Elizabeth 1 Review
Graffi, Sandra 1 Review
de Paula, Lígia 1 Review
Cardoso, Elys 1 Review
Benny, Shirley 1 Review

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Elizabeth Hartmann
Immy was written on January 24, 2009

Topless (0:52)

40-ish Elizabeth's job is to keep order among the female inmates of a South American jail. But she still finds time to get it on with the guy who runs the place. Her best scene is when he barges into her bedroom as she's packing. She quickly doffs her nightie and has a hot session with him in bed. She has a couple of close calls earlier, when he comes up behind her gropes her boobs thru her blouse (0:14, she's gets visibly aroused) and later in a driving rainstorm on a balcony (0:40, very close but only strategic nudity). Her character is clearly turned on by the babes in the jail hut whenever she visits them. There are easily 20 different babes, mostly uncredited, who show skin in this fantastic WIP movie.

Sandra Graffi
Immy was written on January 24, 2009


Sandra is sort of the alpha-female in this WIP film. She's the one who's seducing the jail owner's nephew as part of a plan to eventually escape. Their first interlude is more a midnight grope thru the bamboo bars of the jail hut (0:09, nude though seen mostly from behind, this is the shot on the DVD cover). She has the single best shower scene in the movie (0:23, nice pan up and down her wet, soapy body) but when Lígia de Paula tells her fellow inmate Elys Cardoso is plotting a separate strategy she storms out of the shower fully nude, yells at Elys and gives her a slap, setting off a brief multi-girl, clothing-optional catfight (0:23). What a sight! Once about six girls escape they have to overcome a few jungle obstacles, including finding food. When they see some camped out miners the girls get the brilliant idea of dressing in tiny leaf and vine bikinis to tease them (1:02, her small boobs peek out from behind the leaves now and then. Hot, hot, hot!). For the last half hour of the movie Sandra's in a dress that's always unbuttoned causing her boobs to be in view pretty much all the time. Her last good bit of exposure comes when she and Shirley Benny have a knockdown catfight on the jungle floor. She ends up stripped to the waist, wet and dirty (1:14, topless).

Lígia de Paula
Immy was written on January 24, 2009


Lígia's a little older than most of the babes in this WIP classic but she shows the goods fairly often. Early on she can be seen in the bamboo jail hut laying in a hammock eating an apple with her dress off her shoulders (0:12, breasts). Then she's forced to take part in the first of two orgy parties for the jailors' rich clients (0:17, topless in a g-string with four other girls dancing around). Party #2 goes down with twice the number of girls (0:27, topless in a g-string again) but this time Lígia escapes out a window during the festivities. A search party goes after her and captures her along with three young babes who are bathing nude by a waterfall (there's a ton of flesh in this flick!). That night, as they all huddle under some trees during a rainstorm, she gets it on with one of her captors (0:41, nude on her back on the ground as she ravages her). She then grabs a knife and stabs him in the back and tries to flee nude into the jungle in the driving rain. This awakens everybody and she ends up being shot several times till she falls to the ground (0:42).

Elys Cardoso
Immy was written on January 24, 2009

Nude, nude, nude!

Elys is an absolute hottie and probably spends more time in this film without clothes or barely wearing any. She's thrown into an already crowded outdoor jail/hut and immediately stands out among the girls. When Elizabeth Hartmann comes to choose a girl to bring to her boss she picks Elys, who rises nude from a hammock (0:18). She's cleaned up and brought to him in a toga-like garment and proceeds to strip and lay nude on a table like a centerpiece for the jail owner (0:20, wow!). She writhes enticingly till he finally can't keep his hands off her. She's then brought to a party with nine other topless girls in g-strings where they all dance for rich clients (0:27, amazing!). She also recounts a story where she dances topless for an audience (1:13) which leads to an encore performance to try to distract some guys who've captured them after they escape into the jungle (1:27). Her boobs peek out of her clothing quite often throughout most the film and I'm sure there are a few scenes I've omitted, but you get the idea!

Shirley Benny
Immy was written on January 24, 2009


You'd be hard pressed to find a five minute segment in this WIP classic that doesn't feature some stray female flesh. The titular jail is a bamboo hut in a South America jungle that, at its peak, holds some 15-20 scantily clad babes. Shirley is the confirmed lez in the group. When she's first thrown in she flashes her boobs to entice 40-ish Elizabeth Hartmann (0:16) whose job it is to oversee the girls and make them behave. She feels a little ill after a day or two so Elizabeth gives her an arousing nude oil massage (0:21, FF laying on the table). When three more girls are thrown into the cage Shirley's seen topless comforting one of them (0:44) but clearly has ulterior motives! Her last good scene is a topless catfight with Sandra Graffi on the jungle floor after they've escaped (1:14, when her dress gets ripped open). Once they escape you see a lot of random boobage from all the girls in plunging necklines and unbuttoned dresses so Shirley displays the goods fairly often and not just the scenes mentioned above.

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