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Amazon Women on the Moon's Sexy Actresses

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Wahl, Corinne 5 Reviews
Tompkins, Angel 1 Review
Gabrielle, Monique 4 Reviews

Amazon Women on the Moon's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Begley Jr., Ed 1 Review

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Corinne Wahl
Cyclone was written on September 18, 2002

Video date

Corinne appears on a video just past the 73 minute mark, and we get three looks at her massive breasts. In the first view, she's sitting on a bed, and in the other two, she's on her back, sometimes squeezing her great tits together with her arms while she makes pleasured sounds. However, the scene is hurt by her character only appearing on a TV, which makes her nudity somewhat distant. She looks great, but her exposure doesn't even last a minute, and it's too bad we couldn't get a closer look at her excellent rack.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

on T.V. with Andrew dice Clay

She has a GREAT set of tits. She gives you a good look at them in this shot. Makes you wish you could have been Ken Wahl when he was married to her.

Willfe was written on July 31, 1999

Corinne Wahl appears the main attraction in a video date

In a slapstick, off-the-wall comedy made up of strung-together, hardly related skits, Corinne Wahl appears as the main attraction in a video date soft porn rented by a lonely guy on a Saturday night. She appears in various states of undress, culminating in a nice minute-long view of her topless body as she lays on her back in a bed, faking sex with the viewer.With some other nudity mixed in (not of Corrine Wahl) along with lots of funny bits, this movie is worth sitting through for some good laughs.

soulman was written on October 23, 2001

Man, Oh Man!

You get an excellent look at Corinne's huge globes in this segment about a video dating service audition tape. One of the best tit shots ever.

soulman was written on October 23, 2001


My bad, folks. The earlier mentioned scene involves a porno tape, not a video date audition tape. Sorry.

Angel Tompkins
WLoomis was written on February 13, 2002

Slip (Wearing, Not Nipple)

Angel (blonde, curvy) is First Lady of the Evening, and only has a coupla scenes. She always wears a nightgown or her bra panties and garter. Never any breasts, butt, or bush.

Monique Gabrielle
Cyclone was written on September 18, 2002

One scene

Monique first appears about 6 minutes into the movie, lying on a bed, with breasts and bush exposed. After we see more of her breasts and bush, as well as some ass while she's still on the bed, we then see her in various public places, while still fully nude. This whole scene lasts roughly two minutes, but we get a couple more looks at her breasts on the TV while she's in a hot tub before she disappears from the film just past the ten minute mark. Definitely worth checking out, since she looks great, and isn't remotely shy about showing off her terrific body.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


love it when she walks into church partially nude and nothing is said about it. Hard to find public nudity in movies.

dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Biographical Vignette

This little spoof of rabbit-like centerfold videos brings the concept of gratuitous nudity to new heights! Of course, this is VERY good.It is also pretty funny.

soulman was written on October 23, 2001

Again, Monique Deliver the Goods.

In this GROOVE TUBE type parody Monique's segment is a video centerfold spoof which has her totally naked thoughout the entire segment (walking around in public, etc). This segment along with the one with Corinne Wahl are the only good thing in this otherwise boring, unfunny film.

Ed Begley Jr.
Christoph was written on July 17, 2000

Naked in public

Rather amusing lampoon of old Invisible Man films (even down to the B&W photography) finds loony scientist Begley insisting he is invisible and wrapping to terrorize a local pub. Of course, laugh is that he is visible and naked in public. Director goes to great lengths to avoid frontal exposure, but there are nice butt shots and Begley looks better than usual here.

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