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Fabiana Smith
Immy was written on September 20, 2007


Fabiana is the first nude babe we see in this sword & sorcery cheapie. She transforms from a lioness into a sexy naked girl in front of Joseph Whipp. She's topless as she sits up but the briefest hint of muff can be seen (0:21) then she walks away nude and we get a dynamite look at the rear of her hot, slim body. Later she's seen briefly topless again throwing a knife at Penelope Reed (0:56). Interesting that this is Fabiana's only known film appearance and she never wears a stitch of clothing. Not many people can say they were 100% nude for their entire film career.

Penelope Reed
Immy was written on September 20, 2007

Nude (0:22)

Penelope takes a refreshing nude dip in a lake with Mindi Miller, boobs and buns seen as she swims around. Then after they get dressed some guys attack them and hold her down, pulling open her skimpy top and groping her boobs.

Mindi Miller
BushLeague was written on May 26, 2003

Shower scene

Amazingly curvy brunette is behind a transparent shower curtain, mostly, and shows her perky, pointy 34c's, thick, matted black bush.

Immy was written on September 20, 2007

Breasts and buns (0:22)

The above review is incorrect. Mindi (credited as Windsor Taylor Randolph) has a nude scene skinny-dipping in a lake with Penelope Reed. There's a quick shot of hr bare behind as she dives in, then a few boobs shots in the water and also afterwards getting dressed. Then they're both attacked by some goons and her top gets ripped open, but she keeps on fighting, bouncin' boobs and all. Lots of uncredited topless hotties in this cheesy sword and sorcery flick.

Danitza Kingsley
Striker was written on January 3, 2000

Sex scene

Full body exposure from Danitza as she goes at it enthusiastically with one of the villians... How could she?

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