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Ellen Burstyn
Dante9703 was written on October 19, 2004

Topless dancing

Right at the beginning of the film Ellen greets her lover by dancing topless for him. A very nice surprise and a great way to start the movie. A moment later we see her breasts again as she lays back on the bed while her lover kisses her stomach. Later in the film, about half an hour in, we see the above scenes again in black & white as a film of the scene is shown to husband in an extortion attempt.

Know-it-all was written on February 21, 2001

NOT expecting to see this...

The amazing thing about this scene is that she was 52 at the time. I've always liked Ellen, and I had always found her really sexy. I had seen her topless in "The King Of Marvin Gardens", and I knew that she'd been nude in "Tropic Of Cancer", but I was MORE than a little surprised to see her turn around and expose her breasts in this film. Make no mistke about it, folks...she looks really good.

woopTdoo was written on July 16, 1999

ellen dancing harem girl style topless for boyfriend

In the Ambassador,ellen burstyn has a scene where she dances topless for her lover and then falls into his arms,not knowing she is being filmed.later the film is shown again to her husband robert mitchum and includes some rolling around in bed.

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