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2003 Sexy Movie 2 Reviews

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Sexy Movie (2003)
xxzz was written on April 12, 2008

One Movie Wonder

Cute blond newcomer Amber Ambrose was recuited from the modeling ranks to start an acting career. Sexy Movie,was the only movie she was in. Her performace, however, is memorable. Amber has well-shaped, natural breasts that get bared during her sex scene. Amber's costar fondles and sucks on her tits, before he slips off her panties and goes to work by giving her oral sex. The intensity of her sex scene is quite high and realistic. Too bad this is her only movie!

xxzz was written on April 12, 2008


Katie Lohman (Playboy Playmate, April, 2001)gives a performance on the edge of porn. This petite, blond, blue-eyed goregous babe with a body to die for (34-22-32) gets worked over every way except actual penetration (at least it is not displayed). Even though Katie has fake boobs, it is definitally a classs A1 job. Previous reviewers have accurately discribed her scene. Her costar has a field day fondling and squeezing her tits (it seems like his hands never leave those great boobs), fingering her, giving her oral sex, and the two of them share extending their tongue into each other's mouth.

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