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2001 Monster's Ball 3 Reviews

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Monster's Ball (2001)
Chicago was written on December 11, 2002

2 similar scenes

At :05.15-:06.45 Amber the hooker goes back to the guy's room, immediately takes off her top (right breast from back/side), doffs her bottoms (ass), and places her hands on the desk for rear entry--I get more warmth, however at McD's. Her left firm breast is viewable while getting it from behind...after, she quickly pulls back up her bottoms, giving a better view of her breasts as she then walks into the bathroom to get dressed. At :43.35-:44.20, Amber is standing topless in a hotel room with Billy Bob--breasts from a distance--takes off her bottoms and again assumes her position (ass, left breast closer from the side). After thought, Billy Bob can't bring himself to do her, and she gets dressed and leaves, taking his money.

adailymovie2 was written on June 10, 2002

as described by bushleague

As described by bushleague mistakenly credited to Francine Segal when it should be Amber Rules. Better look at her breasts in the second scene with Thorton. Very attractive woman.

soulman was written on September 27, 2002

Tits And Ass.

**1/2. Rules' 2 (one with Ledge, the other with Thorton) scenes are pretty much butt shots with brief glimpes here and there of her tits. During her first Ledger you can make out an outline of her pussy. Nice ass.

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