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Randy Becker
atom was written on May 1, 2004

tasty humiliation scene as Becker is left naked on street

Our very first view of Becker shows him naked through a shower curtain, and the film capitalizes over and over on his pumped-up physique and handsome face. It's a bit hard to focus on Becker's charms at first, though, because they pale next to the stunningly attractive Filipino actor Paolo Montalban, whose often shirtless body is even tighter (and face even more beautiful) than Becker's. The real erotic charge here--and the most emphatic nudity--takes place in a classic naked-in-public scene, as Becker's girlfriend seduces her two-timing lover out of his clothes and then forces him naked out of the car and onto the side of a highway. Becker cups one of his--and sometimes both--hands over his crotch, so we get a view of pubic hair but not of genitals. Becker proceeds to stand by the side of the busy highway, struggling to cover his rear and privates with a stray newspaper, until some of the other characters in the film happen along and pick him up. The film itself--a family comedy about Filipino-American life--includes a gay-friendly subplot, plenty of male eye candy, and playful sexual encounters, though it's awfully clumsy from a dramatic point of view.

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