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Mena Suvari
trent was written on September 23, 1999


After a few fantasy scenes where we see her only wearing rose petals we get a treat to her breasts at the end of the film. Some of us will remember mena from American Pie.

axl was written on June 3, 2000

getting down with Spacy

Mena gets topless when Kevin Spacy is about to screw her and then she admits that she is a virgin so he stops. Scene could have been a little longer but you really cannot complain about much in thi movie

Alchemist was written on August 20, 2001

after the promise of so much, finnaly the goods

it had to happen! through out the film so much is promised with some excellent cinematic teaser sequences, and sure enough we were not to be dissapointed, as little miss jailbait finnaly "lures" kevin spacey into seducing her, only to reveal that her extensive sexuality she enjoys bragging about so much ammounts to zip, and instead becomes almost pathetic when confronted with the prospect of sex, which in my veiw makes this scene less erotic than most expect, but well worth waiting for, and we can only hope for more of the same.

Senator was written on June 24, 2001

nice cute nipples!

I love the idea of her naked, although it is a little off-putting that it is a old man getting her to that state... but I can get past that for her cute little pert, and perky, pink nipples! The teasers are great and really sexy, but it is really great we can actually see the real things!

liechti was written on June 8, 2001

Whole movie

My star in this movie... she is soooo sexy and finally she shows her breasts. I would go on bare feets through hell for her...

DSKestrel was written on February 25, 2000

toples with kevin spacey

i just don't see mena suavari's attractiveness, nor why kevin spacey's character would want to fixate on her. for one, she's got that huge forhead that you could show movies on. secondly, she plays a bitchy character which only detracts from her body in her mode of dress. at least her character in american pie's modesty allowed for a delicate sexuality about her. in this film, though, she plays the slut -- who is found out to be a virgin as she goes topless in a romantic scene with spacey. again, like an earlier scene with thora birch, her breasts seem way too huge, especially given the upper body shots of her earlier in the film, but unlike thora, these ones seem quite real.okay, i guess, if you're a fan of american pie and want to see the girls in it nude, but overall not the greatest nude scene.

Jude_Johnson was written on May 15, 2001


At first, i was told that there was no nudity by her at all, just the teasers. then i rented it for myself, and i was surprised. she is young and hot. i like that. the teasers themselves were pretty great, but then he undresses her. man, he MUST have been hard.

frankp was written on April 29, 2002

on the couch

Very nice nips (i like small but perky)
too bad the panties stayed on...
looking forward to more in the future

gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

Deserves **** just for surprising me.

I was not expecting to see Mena naked in this movie so when the time came for her nude scene I was shocked and very 'titillated'. Nothing new needs to be said about this excellent young actress. Keep up the excellent 'body' of work Mena.

ihatecowiche was written on September 5, 2001

Wow, it is nice

Well when I saw this moive I thought that I might get to see mena suvari nude and when I saw the rose pedal scens I lost hop and thought it was going to just be a tease for the whole movie. But then towards the end, BAM! It started to twist in the direction I prefer. A lot of great scenes, but one particular one where Mena has her shirt taken off to reveal hr fabulous breasts. Nice perky breasts. Worth watching the whole movie for. This really was just he icing on the cake for this great movie. I recommend seeing it.

Gordon was written on May 16, 2001


Mena Suvari is very cute and even erotic in this film. When she takes her top off at the end we get a good look at her thin body and small breasts. They're nice, but not great in my opinion.

JKota was written on June 9, 2001

Sex scene with Spacey and Suvari

I personaly was not impressed my Mena Suvari. She had small breasts and weird looking nipples. The movie built the audience up for really nothing in my opinion. I give her performance one star. The movie all together was pretty good. I would recommend not going to see if for the nudity.

eaglespyharry was written on February 18, 2004

REALLY red nips

I was reading through the other reviews about Mena's nude scene and thought I should add a comment for anyone who hasn't seen the movie. Mena has very, very red areolas and nipples which I thought was very sexy. Her breasts are natural and the right size for her frame. This is a classic scene.

Maguire was written on December 6, 1999

Mena takes her shirt off while seducing Kevin Spacey - WOW!

WOW, that is all I can say is wow. They are medium sized, very pert tits with really large nipples (not the biggest in the movie either :-) ). She looks very much like this girl and if her tits look anything like Mena's then I'll be a very happy and erect guy when I get to see them. A+ tits Mena!

mmmboobies was written on February 13, 2002

Topless scene with Kevin Spacey

The movie does a good job of teasing Mena's superb body for you. However, unlike most movies, the tease pays off. Toward the end of the movie, Mena is topless laying on her back. It is a very erotic scenen and Mena is excellent. Small, well shaped breasts.

T4R was written on May 2, 2004

Topless, undressed by Kevin Spacey, Wearing only roses

Several teasers, very famous scenes in rose petals. She is completely nude, but petals are strategically placed to cover the "danger zones." Still quite suggestive. She has an underwear scene halfway through the film at the "sleepover," which looks pretty good. However, the prize is near the end of the film as she is undressed near the end of the scene by Kevin. Seductively removing jeans, leaving nice thong, and then the full breasts shown. Quite nice!

Alphonse was written on October 2, 1999


All of the previous reviews are pretty accurate. The nude scene at the end is quite a turn on, especially since her breasts are crazily small. Her nipples are super red and extremely large. The scene is long, and her breasts are on full display in good lighting. It's a pretty nice scene, and the movie is fantastic. Great body on this girl, though her breasts are itsy.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 17, 2001

Topless while lying on a sofa

I'm torn here because she is quite lovely to look at, but laying on your back is no way to show off breasts. If she'd only been sitting up or standing, but then that would have ruined the scene dramatically. So instead, we have a good, but not great shot of Mena's breasts.

AceTracer was written on September 24, 1999

Various delectable scenes

Mena Suvari has a bunch of nice scenes, including a sultry dance at the beginning, another naked but covered in roses, and lying in a tub of roses in a dream sequence. Also some nice scenes of her in underwear dancing for the peeping tom next door. Best of all is near the end where Kevin Spacey removes her pants and unbuttons her shirt to reveal rather nice breasts. Also a great movie.

Jorgiebear was written on May 31, 2001

American Boobies

Well those of you who saw American Pie and were hoping to see Mena's breasts were probably disappointed, you wont be here. Although you're teased quite a bit throughout the movie, Mena gives up the good when it she's on the couch with Kevin Spacey. Although they're small, she has very nice ones. Not to mention that she has a pretty damn good rack overall. Bonus: You'll also get a nice view of Thora Birch's breasts as her voyeristic neighbor/boyfriend gets her on camera while she strips for him.

Starduster was written on November 2, 1999

Three teasers, then topless late in film

At last! I enjoyed Shannon Elizabeth's topless scene in last Summer's American Pie, but I certainly had hoped to see some of the other actresses in the buff. Now, in American Beauty, we finally have chance to see Mena Suvari topless, and it is worth the wait. I can't add to much to the preceding reviews except to comment on Mena's breasts.Her boobs are compact, but are graced with surprisingly large aureola. I happen to like large nipples, and her pair really impressed me. Her topless scene is reasonably long, but doesn't occur until the last 10 minutes of the movie. Oh, she has pretty good legs, too. Can't wait for the DVD

Deh was written on August 21, 2000

topless scene

She has a long topless scene near the end of the movie for Kevin Spacey. She has pretty small sized breasts but nice large nipples.

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003

teases and then a topless

beautiful breasts

RichT was written on November 23, 2001

If only the web screen-shot were real ???

I'm a HUGE fan of Miss Suvari, and I rushed out to see this film ! I was not dissappointed, although I did have an exceptionally long wait ! About 10 minutes from the end of the movie, Mena FINALLY shows us her beautiful boobs, and boy didn't they appear to be MUCH bigger than you would have expected ? I've always found Miss Suvari so very cute, cos she is so dainty and nubile, with small pert breasts. The topless scene in this movie, even though she is lying down, certainly gave me the distinct impression that her boobs are somewhat larger than expected. As far as my comment about the web screen-shot is concerned, I recently found one of the scene where she is in a striped top and panties, while spending the night in Thora Birch's bedroom. The creator of the screen-shot has removed the panties, revealing Mena's beautiful furry bush ? I know this is a fake, but it is one of the better ones found on the net, AND I can always dream !!!

Armando was written on September 24, 1999

Mena Suvari is nude near the end of this fantastic movie.

Mena's breasts are exposed for a good period of time with some decent lighting. She is lying down so I didn't get a good view of how big they are, but they seem to be average. Alsoher nipples and aureola are extremely red. Also, see this movie because it is amazing.

Jimbob1018 was written on July 12, 2000

Mena Suvari

It was a good scene of the breasts, but after the three teaser scenes, it just left me wanting more, like a good vaginal shot. but never the less you get to see some breasts, so i give it 2 stars

badkarmajr was written on April 19, 2002

Menas beautiful breasts

I have heard real and I have heard body double,but either one it didn't matter because it was an extremely satisfying scene. Being a fan of smaller breasted women this scene was definitely the high point to a very good movie. In my opinion Mena set the basis for what hopefully becomes a very revealing career for her.

beefcake was written on January 13, 2001

sex with Spacey

I was very to surprised to see her topless. Her boobs are very very flat. She really needs to gain some weight because you can see her ribcage and like i said, she is way to flat! If she wasn't so skinny i would give this scene a extra *.

nudity_elitist was written on September 8, 2001


Two stars here only because of the payoff after so much buildup throughout the movie. Plus she has the most pre-pubescent body! Otherwise, no big deal. her titties (which are all she shows) are absolutely nothing special, and her face kind of bugs me.

BOD was written on November 4, 1999

plenty of nice scenes!

There are a lot of nice scenes here but i think the best would have to be the one where there is only a rose covering her. Well, it's definitely better than her scene in American Pie!

sucker81 was written on February 17, 2001

A real beauty brests

yeh man as compared to thora they where not that big but yes they where oh'some.
and yes not to forget they made thoras father to take off his pants for her.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 8, 2007


such a good build up because when kevin spacey's character undid her top i expected them to have the flowers in the way again. but they didn't and we saw her hot young lil titties. i came all over the tv screen

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 11, 2001

pretty cool!

She is kinda cute.Has small breasts rather nice nipples though.kevin spacey tears her shirt open and you see her small suttle breasts .Its a good scene

JACKONG was written on September 12, 2000

frontal breast view

u get to view a glimpse of this beautiful chics nice small breast at the last 10 minutes of the show.....very nice brief scene

rainmaker was written on April 18, 2001

American Beautybreast

Mena Suvari is only once topless in this movie. Although she appears in quite a number of sexy scenes ,this is the only scene where we get to see something significant. She has a petite body,quite skinny.Her breast are small but they are wonderful to see. The scene is not very well lit,but the light and shade creats a great effect. Spacey opens her shirt revealing (no bra) her breats and it was worth waiting the money. The movie itself is brilliant but this scene makes it even better. She acted well in the scene, potraying the uneasyness and the excitement at the same time.As far as I know,this is her first nude scene in her career . We only hope it isn't her last.

2CisBelieve was written on August 13, 2000

Spacey undresses Suvari

After three teasers we finally get to see what we waited for. Mena Suvari's breasts.
It's a good, clean and long shot taken from above her and it shows both her breats frontally.
Her breasts are small but she's still young, definately an actress which career I'm gonna watch.

Why three stars? The whole movie we're waiting for this shot, and she's as nice as they come.

Htr was written on July 15, 2000

A few teasers then the money shot...

In my own opinion, I think Mena is a bit too thin for my tastes, but she is still hot in a way.
First we see her in a couple of teases, dancing seductively at a basketball game, covered in rose petals as Kevin Spacey stares up at her lying on the ceiling, and sitting in a bath, her breasts covered in more floating petals. These serve to further illustate the erotic feelings between Mena's character and Spacey's.
Later, Spacey decides to consumate their relationship and opens up her blouse revealing small breasts with pink, puffy nipples, in contrast to Thora Birch's large assets.
It's a good scene, but the atmosphere of the situation don't make this scene too erotic for me.

tones was written on August 14, 2000

Her shirt unbuttoned and breast revealed

She played the sex fantasy of kevin spacey throughout the whole movie, and finally at the end Kevin gets her, and you get to see her breast (although not that big) in all their glory.

fuaard was written on December 15, 2001

topless at last

at last we get to see mena suvaris breasts in a movie, although its not what we expected she still needs to develope them before she starst showing them off. she should take a hint from pamela anderson and alyssa milano and get some improvements made, does not have to be major like pamela andersons set but something that would keep viewers glued to their seats in anticipation to be revealed.
she played a good role in the movie although she was somewhat of a tease she was just a typical girl trying to act like a slut gto get attention. since this si a rating for nudity i think she deserves a 1 star rating until she does something to enlargen them

freezeframe was written on September 27, 1999


She is young and sexy. Throughout the movie, it seems like she will show her breasts only to be disappointed when the damn rose petals never move out of the way. But, she makes up for all that towards the end when her best friend's father makes a move on her. He takes off her pants and then her shirt (no bra). Then I see what I have been teased about throughout the movie. I see those small yet magnificent breasts.

Omni was written on July 24, 2000

Topless at end of movie

I'll keep this review short and sweet - just like Mena. Nice topless scene, small breasts with large nipples. But just look at the rest of her: gorgeous face, nice abs, perfect legs. (And the rose petal bathtub scene has no nudity)

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

Topless at the end a very okward scene

Not a real big Mena fan, but you do see her top half at the very end of the movie. Kevin Spacey finaly gets his midlife wet dream as Mena's shirt is taken off in a scene where the two are in the living room. Its a weird scene and i just didnt like the feel of it, but if you like Mena i guess you will enjoy. Great movie too rent it to see the movie and then enjoy Mena at the end.

BreastMan was written on March 3, 2000

Bares breasts for Spacey

After several teasers involving rose petals, Ms. Suvari shows us her breasts, but unfortunately they aren't as nice as Thora Birch's. She is still a very beautiful young woman, and we only see them as she's lying down so they might be better, but more nude scenes will only tell.

FoleyRainKing was written on July 3, 2000

Bares breasts in love scene

Very nice long view of this young actress topless. Breasts are kind of small but exposed for several seconds as Kevin Spacey contemplates having sex with the teenage girl. Breasts are small but nice with VERT nice nipples. On a side note, an excellent film!

Pennywise was written on October 25, 1999

Lots of pretty good scenes

There are alot of good but not fully nude scenes, then at the end there is a nice shot of some really nice tits.

Cyclone was written on June 1, 2000

Skin throughout, topless at end

In the earlier scenes where Mena is partly covered by rose petals, I didn't think that her body was all that good. When she finally gets topless at the end, my suspicions were confirmed. We get a surprisingly long view of her while topless, but, quite simply, her breasts are too small. If you like them small, then maybe you'll love this scene. If you like them big, you'll likely be as unimpressed as I was.

soulman was written on October 14, 2001

What A Cutie

Mena finally shows her cute litte boobies near the end of the movie after a couple of false alarms. Mena is so adorable I just want to grab her and hug her.

Joec_95123 was written on July 22, 2001

nice breast shot

She opens up her shirt and shows off her very nice nipple for a good 10 or 15 seconds but only near the end of the movie

BOD was written on July 17, 2000

Bathtub scene and scene with Kevin Spacey

The scene in the bathtub was just great! It's unfortunate that she was covered with rose petals, it would've been a lot better if the petals weren't there. Later, on the scene with Kevin, you get to see a nice view of her breasts, which unfortuantely, aren't very impressive. But she's got a very beautiful body.

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

on the couch

VERY nice pair of tits indeed!

Thora Birch
secretreview was written on May 17, 2002


I think this is one of the most amazing nude scenes i have ever seen. Thora Birch is an amazing young actress, and very, very pretty. She has very nice large round breasts (which makes me wonder why her character would be saving up for a boob job) and conveys herself in a very sexy manner. She is the true beauty of this movie, even if she was only 17 when this scene was filmed. (Her parents and child labor personnel had to be on the shoot for this scene to be allowed.)

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 8, 2007


underage or not i wanna suck on those giant melons

axl was written on June 3, 2000

looking good at the window...

Thora has great breasts and she shows them off when she sees her neighbour filming her. A good scene by a young and beautiful actress...

Alchemist was written on August 20, 2001

neighbourhood watch

yet again thora plays a charcter much younger than her actual age, which usually limits the amount of skin she shows, but when she gives her "boyfriend" a peek in this she is far from disappointing, but i can't help wondering, is her left really that much bigger than the right? watch it and you'll see what i mean......

Shatter was written on May 12, 2002

Incredible Chest

I've had a crush on her for quite some time and never really knew she had such an amazing body till this movie. Her perfect breasts were shown, although only for a short period of time, to her voyeuristic neighbor. Amazing chest for a girl that looked as if she was not so incrediblly endowed for the first part of the movie.

conoisseur was written on October 17, 1999

Show for Voyeuristic Neighbor

Thora sees her neighbor filming her and gives him something for his archives. Up until this point she plays a kind of mousey role, not showing much of her physical self, but at her bedroom window she removes her top revealing herself first in a bra -- filling it quite well, I might add. She then removes her bra and we have a frontal view of her large, adolescent breasts, full and pendulous, with large nipples and a huge aureole that sems to cover a third of her ample bosoms. Many things come together to make this a wonderfully sensuous scene: the voyeurism, the youth of the actrice, and our surprise at her endowment.

DSKestrel was written on February 25, 2000

sensuously flashes her neighbor

thora's character has been the subject of next-door neighbor ricky fitt's fixation, as he has several times filmed her from his window. she notices one time, and as her obsession with him grows as well, she delicately opens her blouse and removes her bra, revealing her rather ample bosoms.for some reason, as i watched the scene, it struck me that they must be fake -- some form of computer generation, for the breasts seemed way too large and the areolae were enormous. still, this may be ms. birch's actual proportions, which doesn't take away from the sensuality of the scene

gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

A Little Young but Great Possibilities

A description is not necessary. Just giving it a rating.

Gordon was written on May 16, 2001

Stripping for her neighbor

Thora is standing in front of the window while her neighbor watches. She unbuttons her shirt and then opens her bra, her large breasts spilling out. Thora's breasts are really quite lovely, better than Mena's in my opinion.

rainmaker was written on April 14, 2001

Great movie,cute scene

The movie itself is excellent.When it comes to nudity,I think they are small but very very artistic.The theme,the music and the skin blend to create magic in this movie.Thora Birch shows her skin only once ,but it will fill your mind for a long time. She takes off her shirt and reveals her breats,filling out the bra. Quite big for a girl of her age . Then she proceeds further and takes the bra off.Her breasts are full and wonderful to look at.All these while she was being taped by the boy next door. Sometimes we see through the handycam,so the quality detoriates,but don't worry.It's a fairly long scene for a good look,and of course,there's always the pause button available!Some riviewers have said that it was a body double,but I don't think so.Very beautiful scene! It'll make your hair stand up (it's not only the hair that stands up!).Go see it....NOW.

Htr was written on July 10, 2000

THE scene

To briefly summarise: Thora removes her bra and gives a videotaping Wes Bentley an eyeful of her unexpectedly large breasts. She's grown up quite a bit!

However, analysing the scene, I have to say that her breasts look a little bit...odd. No, not the huge nipples (they're pretty cool), but it appears that one breast is bigger than the other, and that her nipples are pointing in different directions! This could very well be attributed to lighting and shadows (I hope so), but could also give a reason to why Thora's character wants a boob job- cause her breasts look wierd!
Also, take into account that Thora was probably 16/17 when this was shot, which may give another reason why a prosthetic might have been used, or her breasts digitally altered as put forward by an earlier reviewer.

I can't prove it, it is my theory, but if that IS Thora's REAL breasts, and the lighting played a part, this scene would get FIVE STARS easy.

trent was written on September 23, 1999


thora reveals her breasts. Some research reveals that her birthday is march 1982 which would make her 16 17 when the movie was filmed. So we do get a treat in american beauty. Hopefully more young actresses will follow suit.

Starduster was written on October 31, 1999

Quick but excellent topless

breasts must be symbolic in this movie, that may be the way the producers got this topless scene with this under 18 actress in the film.A little over an hour in the show, Birch deliberately strips to waisin front of her bedroom window while her peculiar neighbor videotapes her from next door.She is facing into the camera, and both breasts are clearly in view, but only for a few seconds. There is an out of focus view of her on the neighbors video monitor, then an extremely quick shot of birch pulling the curtain in front of her. She has gorgeous, generous breasts!

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

window strip

Where were tits like that when I was in high school???? Sure want to dive in and go blblblblblb between them!

T4R was written on May 2, 2004

Breasts through window, is it really her?

She has a nice undressed scene through the window. Unfortunately it makes me suspicious that maybe her head was cropped on to someone else's body - you'll see the window pane divides her at her neck. The breasts are quite ample and if it is Thora, then she is quite beautiful. (ironic after all the talk about augmentation and boob jobs.) Still a toss- up for me.

T4R was written on May 2, 2004

Nice topless window scene, but is it really her?

As mentioned in the other review, she undresses for filming. Full exposure of ample breasts. However, I am very suspicious as that it is really her. You'll notice the window pane neatly disects her at the neck. If it is her, she looks quite good (ironic with all the talk of a later "boob job".).

ff was written on May 2, 2004

it`s really her!!

In fact because she was only 16 her nude scene was filmed in front of her parents and child welfare representatives. everyone is making a big deal about this mediocre topless scene. yes her breasts are great but the lighting is pretty dark.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 17, 2001

Reveals her breasts for her voyeur boyfriend.

They are a nice pair, much bigger than you would
guess from her earlier scenes. Basically she strips her top and bra off for her boyfried, who is videotaping her from his bedroom window through hers. She stands there for several seconds, allowing us to savor.

Alphonse was written on October 2, 1999


A well-filmed nude scene. She takes her top off to show her boyfriend her breasts. They're pretty nice for a young girl. Large nipples, and a nice droop to confirm that they're real and natural. The lighting isn't fantastic, and the scene isn't long, but it's nice to see a young actress willing to go through a little exposure.

Deh was written on August 21, 2000

flash for neighbor

She shows off her very large and nice breasts to her neighbor (Wes Bentley). Only nude in this movie for her, but I can't wait for more.

Armando was written on September 24, 1999

Thora Birch reveals her big, spectacular breasts to her video taping boyfriend.

This may sound weird but I had the biggest crush on Thora when iwas 9. So seeing her nakedfelt creepy and at the same time good. Well enough of that. The scene in question is rather short and lighting isn't the greatest. But I give it three stars anyway because her breasts arefantastic.The sceptic in me says that those breasts are prosthetics but i'm pretty sure they'rereal. Make sure to see this movie because it is fantastic.

wr135 was written on December 24, 2006

standing topless at window

she gets 3 stars because of massive boobies. She is attractive in that plain way and who wouldn't want to see a girl with her figure nude. Great boobs but brief scene however there is other nudity of mena suvari in the movie whick make it worth seeing. Thora is gorgeous and i hope she gets nude more often

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 28, 2003

nice rack

i dont want to be a petifile but damn she takes her clothes off for her boyfriend and tits look nice HAHA

nudity_elitist was written on September 8, 2001


Thora is nothing special but her nude scene is a nice bunus, considering that we absolutely expect nothing like it from her timid character

BouncyTits was written on April 18, 2001

ample supple young breasts on display

Thora Birch is not shy here. She was just 16 when she filmed "American Beauty" and she shows off her huge bosoms in a great scene. There is the youth factor, the fact that this scene has a vouyeristic angle to it, and the fact that she has huge breasts with big nipples. She is a great actor with awkward looking breasts, that are totally erotic. She slowly strips to her purple bra which she fills out then proceeds to expose her assets. The scene occurs about 1 hour into the movie.

Dubes was written on September 18, 1999

Thora reveals her breasts

Thora notices her neighbor videotaping her from his window and puts on a little show for him. She takes of hert shirt then unhooks her bra, revealing surprisingly full breasts. Unfortunately, the neighbor's father rushes in, disrupting the striptease.

DustBowl68 was written on December 9, 2000

Magnificent Teenage Voyeurism

The scene of Thora Birch being filmed as she removes her shirt and bra plays amazingly, and Birch is a gorgeous presence. She is shapely in the way real-life (as opposed to Hollywood or Madison Avenue) women are, and the very definition of budding womanhood here.

Aureliano was written on December 9, 1999

Already a classic.

A very sweet looking actress, with tender-looking and large breasts which are assuredly still growing.

NDStriken84 was written on December 30, 2000

She's hot, her breasts are not

Thora goes to a window, takes off her shirt, and then her bra. I found myself quivering with anticipation when i saw the bra coming off, but then i was dissapointed to see what they looked like. They were two different sizes (by a long shot) and the nipples pointed in different directions. It doesn't seem fair that the girl that was hot looking(Thora), had deformed breasts, while the Girl with a deformed face (Mena) had hot looking breasts. Where's the justice?!?

freezeframe was written on September 27, 1999

Topless in front of a windows

Towards the beginning of the movie, she is researching about getting breast implants. She basically wears baggy clothes in most part of the movie. But, when she takes off the top and her bra, you see that she doesn't need any implants. Her breasts are nice and bigger than average.

Darthbogan2 was written on October 9, 2000

window strip tease

now, maybe i'm mistaken... but i could swear she was 17 when this movie was filmed... couldnt this be considered illegal... either way she has large boobs.good scene

dash77 was written on October 30, 2001

bare breasted in front of a window

High school student Ms. Birch has a new neighbor, a voyeuristic, somewhat weird (but successful) drug dealing classmate. At first she is put off by his antics (though not as much so as her best friend), but one night when he is spying on her through her window she decides to disrobe for his camera. She takes off first her shirt and then her bra and stands topless for a few seconds. She has beautiful large breasts although the lighting is not great. This was Thora's first nude scene--she was previously a highly successful child star, and this nudity was probably a smart career move in that it made it clear that she is now a very well-developed, beautiful young woman.

BreastMan was written on March 3, 2000

Revealing Breasts For Boyfriend

The young actrice reveals her very large breasts for her boyfriend quite sensuously, however part of it is viewed from quite a distance and it is quite short. Hopefully ms. birch will have the kindness to do another nude scene or two revealing these excellent breasts.

ComputerGeek was written on December 31, 2000

at her bedroom window

What a babe, and a beautiful set of tits on her, which we get to see when she take her top off for the guy next door. She was only 17 when she did this scene, but her parents signed a waiver allowing her to do it. I personally want to thank her parents

Kuroneko was written on September 28, 2002

Thora Birch's nudity

Clarification: If you do a little homework you will realize that Thora was almost 16 if not just past 16 when she did this nude scene. Not 17.

StevieY was written on July 25, 2000

great nude scenes

American Beauty is a wonderful movie. The script and acting are superb. As a bonus, we get some great nudity. Thora Birch removes her bra and lets her large, beautiful breasts hang free as Wes Bentley's camera is fixed on her. This former child star has a quite lovely rack. Mena Suvari bares her breasts, too. Not as nice as Thora's, but still great to look at. Bentley bares his cute butt. Even Kevin Spacey gets in on it. He shows his ass and it looks better than I would have thought.

oddjob120 was written on January 1, 2001

Not Bad

Thora plays the daughter of Bening & Spacey who ends up the girlfriend of Wes Bentley.After being slapped by her mom,Thora sees her man across the way.She takes off her shirt and several moments later... takes off her bra to show a pretty large pair of tits.It was'nt long ago,Thora was starring in kids movies.Decent scene.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005

good scene

good scene however its kinda hard to see she needs to do a better scene where you can see her huge cans alot better

Omni was written on October 29, 2000

Really Thora!

Well, the verdict is out. The director/writer commentary on the DVD tells us that this is Thora.
But do remember that this movie is awesome regardless of this tidbit.

Sinnema was written on March 16, 2001

Striptease at window

Thora Birch slowly takes off her shirt and bra in front of her bedroom window, revealing her large breasts to her boyfriend, who is video taping her from his bedroom next door. The shot is brief, a little dark, and from a pretty long distance; the quality of the shot is worth two stars. Still, this is the first nude scene of an established child actress, so it's worth an extra star for context.

Cyclone was written on June 1, 2000

Topless by window

Thora reveals her very nice breasts about halfway through the movie. To me, at least, one breast looked noticeably larger than the other, but even so, I'd still say that she has a great rack.

soulman was written on October 14, 2001

Nice Pair

Thora shows her large impressive tits to her neighbor who's been peeping on her. Her character is kind of a Plain Jane compared to Mena's character, but there's no denying that she has very nice rack.

Joec_95123 was written on July 22, 2001

strip in front of window

She's standing in front of her window and takes of her shirt and bra to show her large breasts to her boyfriend but quickly covers up as his dad enters the room he's in

kingman333 was written on December 11, 1999

Through a window

We get a good look at her suprisingly large breasts through a window. The odd thing here is that the girl is only 16 years old at the time of filming, and I personally have my doubts about how genuine her breasts are. Good scene though!

RigobertAriola was written on July 7, 2002

Thora Birch in the window, boobs out

After young Thora's removal of her bra we see a pair of nasty, blobish saddlebags that might recieve appreciation from fellas that go for the big kahunas. BUT even those people should take offense from those red wheels-of-fortune that cover most part of those two fiends of nature.

Psuedo_Saint was written on September 30, 2002

as lopsided as bread from a bad bakery

Until the window scene, I thought big, young tits were a guaranteed hit, but Thora was not a turn-on. She's got great personality though ...

Prosaic was written on August 11, 2014

Breast in the window

1:10 Thora stands in front of her bedroom window and removes her top and bra for the neighbor boy who is video taping her. The scene is a little dark

Kevin Spacey
wolviefan666 was written on December 8, 2009

So Hot!!

Kevin Spacey Is so Hot!! I love his shirtless scenes where he treats us all to his gorgeous hairy chest. And oh, my God... there's a scene with him masturbating in the shower!! Unfortunatley the shower screen is in the way so you only see the out line of him doing the business, if only it wasn't there. One can only imagine how it looks, wonder if it's big and hairy??

LeroyBrown was written on November 19, 2000

Not Sure.....

There was something hanging down after he takes off his pants but it looks like he was wearing one of those tiny bags used by actors to keep their privates private. A "cock sock" if you will.

T4R was written on May 2, 2004

Rear shown in shower

As mentioned, Kevin has a brief rear scene masturbating in the shower. Some others have mentioned full-frontal while working out in the garage. Mabybe thats only in widescreen or something, but I don't recall any in the fullscreen version.

Alphonse was written on October 2, 1999

butt and balls, apparently

My wife tells me that when Spacey took his pants off you could see his balls swing between his legs. I don't know, and don't hold me to it. Still, the angle was such that it's certainly possible. At any rate, his ass is on display for a moment, and he is sans shirt for a good deal of this great movie.

Omni was written on July 20, 2000

Swinging cock and balls

I just had to confirm this since it shocked me. Yes, you see Spacey's twig and berries swing when he takes his pants off to lift weights. I give it zero stars... because well... I'm a straight guy. But for you ladies, it lasts half a second but it's there.

Twizm was written on June 17, 2002

Masturbating in the Shower

There's a scene in the very beginning of the movie where Kevin Spacey is masturbating in the shower. If you own or rent the VHS version or see it on TV, you see his ass while he masturbates in the shower because it's Full Screen. But, if you rent or own the DVD version, you can't see his ass because it's widescreen, that's why I give it 3/4 stars.

ajb was written on September 25, 1999

Standing in front of window

Of course, we all know that Kevin Spacey is very sexy. We get to see his butt as he takes off all his clothes and stands in front of the window to look at his reflection. The butt is very nice, but unfortunately we don't get to see it for very long. Still, if you have a jones for Spacey, he spends a great deal of the latter part of this movie in a muscle shirt or no shirt at all and it's quite impressive.

NDStriken84 was written on December 30, 2000

Thought I saw something swinging, but...

I thought Kevin Spacey had a lovely, delicious looking butt, and if the rumours about him being gay are true, i will be moving to hollywood. I thought i saw something swinging between his legs in the garage scene too, but i figured it was probably just his hand. We can still hope.

Wes Bentley
jack_007 was written on October 2, 2002

its cool scene

its nice

DSKestrel was written on February 25, 2000

filming his girlfriend

bentley plays ricky fitts, a video-obsessed young man who winds up dating thora birch's character. in one seen, she is on his bed and he's filming her, and she complains that it makes her feel naked, and he replies that he is naked.thus, when he hands the camera over to her, there's a brief glimpse of his posterior for about a second. afterwards, he sits down in a chair and crosses his legs, but in the shadows it's hard to determine any frontal

T4R was written on May 2, 2004

Rear shot

Shown climbing in bed with Thora. Full shot of behind.

samora was written on May 5, 2004


i want to see sexy scene

Damn was written on September 25, 1999

Brief Buns while filming Thora Birch

You see a fairly well-lit view of his buns while he's standing in front of Thora Birch. He isn't the mostpumped-up guy in the world but he's cute. He then proceedsto lie down and I guess you could see a brief frontaland some butt clevage with a tape or a DVD.Great actor, great movie.

ajb was written on September 25, 1999

Videotaping nude

He gets two stars out of sheer sexiness. Bentley is very, very cute and charismatic and we get an erotic scene where he interviews Thora Birch with his home video camera while he's nude. He steps to one side and we get to see his butt for about a second before it cuts away. Nice, though.

moviestuff was written on July 22, 2003

nice butt

there fore i give it three stars

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