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American Flyers' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Paul, Alexandra 3 Reviews

American Flyers' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Grant, David 2 Reviews
Costner, Kevin 1 Review

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Alexandra Paul
soulman was written on October 17, 2001

Brief Topless

Alexandra goes topless briefly in 2 scenes. The first scene there's a quick front and side view of her small boobs when she's changing into a t-shirt. The second scene you get another side view as she climbs into bed wearing just her panties. I know comments are always made about her body type during her baywatch run, but I found her (along with Yasmine Bleeth) to be the hottest of the Baywatch babes. I know that Alexandra's isn't top- heavy like Pamela, but her best feature has always been her long legs and that cute face.

nudity_elitist was written on July 9, 2002

Barely topless

I would have liked to see a lot more here which must mean that I am somewhat attracted to Alexandra. What can I say, I like small boobs. We never get a downright good look at anything. What we do see is too quick and in motion, making it hard to get a grasp.

Cyclone was written on March 13, 2001

Topless twice

Midway through the movie, she lifts up her sweater, and we get a shot of each nipple. Once the sweater is off, we get two views of her from behind, and we can see some of her right breast. Then, several scenes later, we see her left breast from the side, when she's getting into bed. None of these views are particularly good, but it's worth checking out if you like Alexandra.

David Grant
Ozzie700 was written on December 2, 2001

Rear and possible frontal

David has a plush, bubbly butt, and seeing so much of it (in a PG-13 film no less) in the early scenes of the movie is a thrill. As he moves around on the bed while changing, you can see his crotch area; I'm not sure if we see part of his penis or if that's some sort of pouch or sock. He's shirtless and wearing tight shorts throughout this film. I wish we'd seen more of him over the years instead of Kevin Costner.

Derek was written on July 31, 1999

Changing clothes

Rather brief, but cute view of actor as he is removing his clothes. His bare bum sits on a picture and it gets stuck there as he heads to the shower.

Kevin Costner
Ozzie700 was written on December 2, 2001


While they're riding bikes, David Grant pulls Kevin's shorts down and shows off 3/4 of Kevin's nice butt.

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