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Fairuza Balk
Hugh G. Rection was written on February 26, 1999

Fairuza's nipples

Watch carefully or you'll miss the Super Sexy Fairuza's little titties at the very beginning of this flick. It's also in black & white- but who cares?! We finally get to see some of this babe! In it she's getting pounded into the bed while clenching her teeth. (where you can see her nipples for perhaps 10 seconds.) Then she takes it doggy-style and finally she's on top. No more t or bush or ass shots here- but it's nice to hear her moaning! PLEASE show some more Babe!

buffalofart was written on April 2, 2001

black-n-white bangin

this chic is hot. love the scene where she gets it from behind. black and white adds to clarity, her screams and moans make the lack of more visible skin worthwhile. i'll take her one breast at a time.

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

Sex in a car

Faizura and Edward Norton are getting it hot and heavy in his car. She takes it doggie style for a while and then she's on top of him. You see her full breast for several seconds, and there's a lot of moaning and bouncing around as he hammers her.

Omni was written on August 9, 2000

Goth/Rocker queen shows her (small) stuff

The scene is shot pretty clearly although with a lot of edited cuts. You see Fairuza's flatish breasts which are ok, except for knowing that they belong to this hideous creature.

gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

Nice Breast but...

I give her breasts 3 stars but unfortunately it is Fairuza Balk so she loses 2. Though those are still breasts I see and nice ones at that.

Chaz was written on November 3, 2001

Rough sex in bed

Fairuza's very sexy, in a rough kind of way. She's enjoying herself in bed with Ed Norton, anyhow. He's ramming her good from behind, and we see some brief glimpses of her nice, average sized breasts. Then shes on top, and we see her from the back view grinding. I think she's one of those females who looks nicer from behind - her ass and her back are gorgeous.

Astutato was written on August 26, 2001

Neo-Nazi Love

You hear loud moans coming from Stacey (Fairuza Balk) having sex with Derek (Ed Norton); tossing under the sheets - then you see her bare breast. The butt sex that follows has movement, but no nudity. Enough said... Not much to say! Though, brace yourselves for the prison shower scene with the pretty nasty shtivin'.

seansolo was written on July 11, 2000

black & white bangin'

the "acting" in this scene is quite impressive - although i'm not sure if those are actually fairuza's tits we're seeing (maybe a double), i still enjoyed seeing her ass bounce while taking a pounding from ed.

Xeyes was written on June 8, 2007

Not much is seen

Brief right breast while having sex.

jason1234567 was written on April 10, 1999

Fairuza is having very passionate sex with her boyfriend Edward Norton, intercut with several black youths breaking into Edward's car.

the scene is in black and white which adds to the clarity. we see a very clear close up of fairuza's breasts and almost lower frontal nudity.

fauker was written on November 21, 2002

Rough Sex

You get to see fairuza's nips and various tatoos above her crouch, but it's all very blurred with bad camera angles. Still a great movie.

beefcake was written on January 13, 2001

with norton

Crappy scene. First of all its black and white. Second of all you only see one breast. Third of all it Fairuza Balk. Last of all she has a horrible haircut.

budd was written on August 19, 1999

black and white sex

At the beginning of the movie Balk is having sex with Norton and you see her naked. It's probably not fair for me to review this because I think Balk is the ugliest actress in Hollywood.

liechti was written on March 23, 2001

sex scene

Well, most of it is said... but I think Fairuza is very sexy and has got a wonderful body :-)

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Rough 'n' heavy with Norton

The sexy chick who played Adam Sandler's girlfriend in "The Waterboy" isn't as sexy as she was in this film. She gets hot 'n' heavy with Edward Norton in a heated sex scene, during which you can see her left breast for 7 seconds as she's getting pounded on. She's rather unattractive in this flick and her breasts are small and flat. Edward Norton has far better nudity in this flick than what Fairuza does

axl was written on September 7, 1999

getting loud and rough with Ed Norton

At the very beginning of the movie Balk is seen (and heared) having sex with Ed Norton.Not much is seen,just a brief glimpse of her breast,but still a good scene just to hear her.

thenomansland was written on March 24, 2001

in black and white

this performance is very short you see her nipples for a very short time like 5 frames. But there is a lot of great screaming moans.

Prosaic was written on August 11, 2014

Partial breast

at 0:02 you get a brief partial view of her right breast in B&W.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005

one of my favorites

the sex scene at the begining of the movie is in my top 5 favorites sex/nude scenes of all time and the movie itself is in my top ten

bilfic was written on December 4, 1999

Lovely breasts

This scene was rather brief, as some of the above comments have noted, but itis long enough to get an excellent view of Fairuza's luscious breasts. I didn't care about the lovemaking scene, since it consisted mostly of standard Hollywood ersatz moans.

Androo was written on July 4, 2000

Nasty, Yet Somehow Appealing

The doggystyle thing is nice, and I like the fact that she seems to REALLY enjoying Edwards
mad banging. She got a nice set of small, natural breasts, and a pretty Sweet moan.

Edward Norton
nudieguy was written on November 28, 2002

Big surprise

In the shower scene.He's washing himself and you can see his ass.He turns around and you get the full package.It's an above average penis if it is not erect.If it's erect it's average.

DSKestrel was written on February 25, 2000

graphic rape scene

there's a lot of nudity around this part of the movie, but mostly wrinkled old man penis. as norton's character goes to take a shower, he is attacked and gang raped in a very powerful scene which offers many frontal and behind shots of norton's buffed-up body, as well as some of the assailants.

TheGap was written on July 6, 2001

If you don't mind the unattractive 'skinhead' look...

Edward's brilliant looks are somewhat lessened be the 'skinhead' look which does not suit him.

FRONTAL: His penis head pops up occassionally whilst he washes himself in the prison shower.

REAR: His ass makes many appearances both before and after the rape takes place.

EROTICISM: The rape is a bit disturbing but the fact that it is mostly suggestive makes it slightly lesser.

(EXTRAS: In the shower there are a few other men shown frontally and from the rear. The most attractive is the rape culprit, who is big and muscular. The other guys, in my opinion are quite average.)

Fiona was written on January 6, 2001

Various Nude Moments

Near the beginning of the movie Edward Norton's character is bonking his brains out. His brother (Edward Furlong) interupts them and watches them bonking as he tries to capture their attention.
As Norton sits on the side of the bed to pull up his pants the camera focuses crisply between his legs. Strangely, however, I cannot see Norton's penis. I think it is actually 'tucked' away. It is fun trying to find it.

The rape scene in the shower is very erotic and shows many penises in the background - some very nice including one dark guy who proves not all dark guys are hung like horses. Norton scrubs his toned little body with soap and his penis can be seen moving around from the side. I believe it isn't as big as many here think it is.

His rapist is a huge muscle-man and the people who cast this movie obviously wanted a man with a big cock too. When Norton falls to the floor we see the attackers semi-aroused penis.... it is very big and surely would have hurt Norton. Even acting this scene out Norton certianly would have had this touch him on the behind many times judging by how close they get.

MrSinister was written on January 14, 2005

Prison shower

Edward norton looks his best. Prior to him getting raped, one can clearly see his little "Edward"-not that little though- flopping as he soaps up his muscular body. You must pause just right and is best viewed in slow motion. There are many other naked inmates, but his penis beats out the competion.

Bubblez was written on February 18, 2000

Shower Scene

We get to see his (REALLY REALLY GEORGOUS) butt in the shower (also a nice frontal shot). When he is in the shower. His butt is perfect. I would love to fill it with my....And also we have a short frontal at the beginning of the movie, when he stops sleeping with Fairuza Balk and jumps out of the bed.A definite must-a-see!

monchetmonillas was written on April 6, 2009

in the shower

although shaved and tattooed, edward norton showed a trim well kept body and shapely butt on top of the fact that he let it all hang out in the open..exciting though is the supposedly rape scene where the bigger guys all got together and "abused" him

reclusex4 was written on June 9, 2002

shower scene

This movie was powerful and emotional with the whole anti black theme going on, but to top it off, the shower scene helped achieve the goal of Norton changing his hatred towards blacks. In the shower he was raped by a bunch of white guys and you could tell he was naked due to the fact that you could see his package. It was a powerful scene because you could feel the pain Norton was facing but also because they didn't cover anything, they showed it all.

moviestuff was written on August 28, 2002

butt and and quick look at his penis

He's in the prison shower with other white guys that's in the shower with him (wich doesn't matter because he's the sexiest out of the bunch !!! :-) fours stars doesn't need the reason see the movie!!!

69-Me was written on September 10, 2000

some nice dick with potential fuck-buddies in the background

Ed is not the hottest guy in this flick but it is the only movie where we can get a glimpse of his rather large, thick penis. I do not recommend the movie for nudity as the scene is not so long, but check it out if your a fan or wanna see a good film.
PS: That ultra-ugly bitch Fairuza Balk shows her "ick-factor" titties. Sorry, but you gotta admit she is.

movies4life68 was written on July 1, 2006

shower scene with lots of other inmates

this particular scene was awesome, we get to see edward lathering up his body with soap getting a quick peek at little edward, and lots of shots of his butt, after that quick spurt edward is raped, kinda weird, but hey if u like it great cuz after the guy is done, edward falls to the floor and you get a great view of his "attackers" penis and balls.
all in all a great scene

Mayhem1999 was written on October 30, 1998

frontal and rear nudity in prison scene

frontal and rear nudity in prison scene

sylv was written on November 7, 1998

shower scene

Edward is looking terrific in this film & he shows off a stunning body throughout. His nude scene takes place in a prison shower & we see his beautiful, smooth, nicely round butt several times. There's even very brief frontal nudity, and he's got a nice penis, but it was too brief for any detail. (In fact the friend with me missed it entirely - of course, I had the quick eye :)).

Violet was written on February 6, 2001

Brief Frontals, Some behind shots

Ed Norton is a sexy, young rising star.
He shows off his incredibly buff body in this this rather disturbing, yet powerful film.
First nude scene is the beginning sequence when he is having sex with his girlfriend. His brother runs in the room and Ed sits up and jumps out of bed. Here we are treated to several quick glances of his package. Though we mostly see his thick, patch of black pubic hair.
Next scene is the shower scene in which he is gang-raped. Again, several quick galnces of his penis. But many shots on all the men attacking him.
Great movie, too bad the nude scene's ertoticism was taken away by the disturbing content.

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Shower rape sequence

In this powerful movie, Edward Norton strips down and takes a shower with the other prisoners. We do get to see some nice glimpses of Edward's butt and some quick frontals as he bends down and washes his legs (use the zoom up feature on your DVD player to see his dick between his legs). Then, as he's getting ready to be gang-raped by other prisoners, we see another view of his nice ass he's being held down against the tile wall. Then after the rape, he's on the ground and yet another view of his ass is seen. Would've merited a **** star rating if the scene wasn't as disturbing and brutal... and if Edward didn't have all those tattoos and his shaved head. Oh well... still nice to see some frontal male nudity in current mainstream films.

Wrecks was written on April 1, 2005

Not just Eddie

Not only do you get to see Ed Norton's willy, but several other actors in the shower scene. Probably a half dozen in total.

atomic was written on October 12, 2003


If you don't see the ugly tattoos then he has a nice body, but the most importnat is his wowie dick, it's pretty long and thick

MaleCeleb was written on April 20, 1999

Hot Attacker

Just wanted to include an appendage to the above review. The shower scene ends in Norton's rape, and his attacker is very attractive. The content is unsettling, to be sure, but there's a shot of the beefy actor coming into the shower room with nothing but a short little towel barely covering him. And after the rape is over, the attacker throws Norton to the floor, the camera panning with him, and you get a very clear view of the guy's dick, with most of his torso and all of his legs also included in the shot (at least on DVD). Great for pausing. Just ignore the context (or don't, if that kind of thing gets you going), but this guy is a treasure and totally nude. Would give him his own entry, but I can't figure out who he is, as his character's name is never mentioned (I think) in the movie.

MovieEddie was written on April 21, 1999

Frontal Nudity

As everyone is pointing out, Norton did buff up for this movie, and he looks really hot. The character he plays is (through much of the movie) repellent, but Norton has such magnetism that you understand why his character could draw people to him so effortlessly. Norton's chest and abs are on display constantly, and he's completely nude in the prison shower. We briefly see his penis (impressive) and there are many shots of his ass. Too bad he's a serious actor, 'cause he'll probably only strip when a role calls for it. (FYI, we see several dicks in the shower scene.)

bilfic was written on December 4, 1999

Nice view of Ed's buns

Ed is buffed up for this role, and his buns are on ample display here.

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