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American Horror Story's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Breckenridge, Alexandra 2 Reviews

American Horror Story's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sears, Teddy 3 Reviews
McDermott, Dylan 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for American Horror Story member submitted

Alexandra Breckenridge
Ghostwords was written on November 29, 2011

S1 Ep1

Ms Breckenridge plays the younger version of Moira, the Harmons' maid.

At approx 0:29:30, she's sitting in a chair, legs apart, playing with herself through her panties. No flesh is exposed, other than her upper thighs (she's wearing stockings and suspenders), but it's a very hot scene.

Circa 0:33:00, she enters Ben Harmon's study and begins seduicing him. As Moira unbuttons her blouse and tugs at her black bra with her right hand, there is a pinkish blush under her fingertips, which I'm sure is the areola around her right nipple.
Check it out:

Ghostwords was written on November 29, 2011

S1 Ep3

Ms Brekckenridge continues to titilate, whilst witholding any notable nudity. Around 12 minutes into episode three, Dr Holden finds her mopping the hall floor, her shapely behind thrust upward and tight black panties on display. Add in the suspenders and a nice shot down her cleavage, and this probably qualifies for a half-star. Hopefully, she'll be tempted into real exposure at some point soon.

Teddy Sears
McKinnon was written on November 26, 2011

Towel removal; 1x8 Rubberman

About 10 years ago, a tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome blonde actor began making regular appearances on soap One Life to Live by being, well... tall, hunky, and blonde. That soap will be gone in a few months, and, as some type of coincidence, late 2011 also marks Sears' first nude scene. Sears has a recurring role as one of the ghosts; he starts this episode wearing just a towel, which he then removes to change into his boxer briefs. You see a well-lit, not too short look at his tanned, plump buttocks. Later in the episode, his character is murdered, and sodomized with a fireplace poker. That takes place offcamera, obviously, but when his jeans are pulled down, his cheeks jiggle in closeup. I guess this part could be a double, but it's a nice ass either way.

MarcioGore was written on December 17, 2011

Ass on Episode 1x8

We can see this blond hunk walkin on the bedroom and taking off his towel,showng to us his muscular butt!After his character is killed and the murder pulls down his pants.And again we can see his beautiful and white ass boucing off the pants.beautiful ass!

gymnofrater was written on July 11, 2015

S01 E08 - Nice view of buns

Teddy Sears shows us his beautiful ass briefly but clearly twice and his full backside once in Season 1, Episode 8: Rubberman. Soon after 9:20 the gorgeous, muscular, blond actor removes his towel during an argument with boyfriend (Zachary Quinto) and shows his entire backside with bouncing buns and strong shoulders as he walks away to put on his underwear. At about 18 minutes, dressed as a cowboy, he is violently killed and his pants are pulled down in a pleasantly gratuitous exposure of his jiggling, voluptuous buns. Three stars because the nudity is clear and unobscured, not four stars because of the relative brevity of the exposures.

Dylan McDermott
Ghostwords was written on November 29, 2011

S1 Ep1

At around 0:22:00, McDermott gets out of bed and heads downstairs to light a fire; we see full rear nudity once in the bedroom, and twice in front of the fireplace.

Circa 0:29:30, he stumbles upon his maid masturbating (she appears to him in her younger form, played by Alexandra Breckenridge) and scurries off to do likewise; we get another shot of his full rear, this time by a window.

MarcioGore was written on December 13, 2011

Naked on S1E01

In the mid of the episode pilot we see he get up of de bed naked and showing to us his firm ass,later he is stand up in front of the fireplace.And in that same episode he see a woman and masturbate himself in front of the mirror.He is hot,a man of mid age with a muscular and firm butt!

Derek was written on October 5, 2011

Under a spell, masturbating

The gorgeous Dylan McDermott has been one of the sexiest men in Hollywood since the late 80s, but he has never done a single decent nude scene....until now. In “American Horror Story” he plays a man who moves his family into a creepy home in Los Angeles, where we learn that it is not uncommon for him to be caught under the spell of an unknown spirit that leads him to all things that use natural gas--stoves, fireplaces, etc. I just report this stuff. In his first nude scene in the pilot episode, the spirit causes him to leave his bed fully nude and go to the fireplace. The camera follows him downstairs and gives us ample views of his beefy butt. In a second scene, Dylan exits the shower with just a towel in front of him (not even wrapped around) and then he is distracted with a specter in one of the bedrooms who is a beautiful woman fingering herself. Again, I just report... This so stirs Dylan that he is seen a moment later, alone, masturbating. This being TV we get only a back view, and it's a hell of a back view! At 50 he looks as good as he did at 25, and gravity hasn't pulled that glorious ass down one little bit. Matthew McConnaughey had better get to doing serious nudity in “Killer Joe” and “Magic Mike” or he will lose his mature, hunky exhibitionist title to McDermott. Looking very forward to more of this show!

mcjw2011 was written on October 6, 2011


Since this is a Ryan Murphy drama on FX, I expect McDermott to show his fine rear a couple more times. Derek's review almost doesn't do it justice. The first episode is on Hulu, and Dylan's naked ass shows up 21:55, 22:22, and then 29:31-29:35. The best bit is him jacking off in front of an open window.

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