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Giselle Tonggi
BushLeague was written on September 10, 2003

Why not lift these, big boy?

She is in a polka-dot miniskirt and gives a couple of hokey-pantied up the skirt shots. Then she pulls the strap off to show her right 32b banana tit.

Kathy Shower
zzxx was written on August 9, 2001


Can you believe Kathy Shower has NO nude scenes in this movie? In the first five minutes as Kathy is climbing out of the pool her left boob briefly pops out of her one piece bathing suit. Two minutes later Kathy and her husband are in the kitchen starting to make love. For some reason the dirctor edited the love scene. For as her husband begins to open her blouse to dally with her tits the scene ends. Near the end of the movie Kathy is wearing a blue tshirt without a bra and as she runs her tits bounce and jiggle like hell. And one of her daughter's kidnappers does get a very quick squeeze of her tit before he is shot and pushed off the pier into the sea.

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