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American Perfekt's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Plummer, Amanda 6 Reviews
Gleason, Joanna 1 Review

American Perfekt's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Forster, Robert 7 Reviews

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Amanda Plummer
damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 24, 2001

Talking to her lover in bed

There's a nice long scene of her talking to her lover from bed. She's nude, but the bottom half of her is covered with a sheet. There is a nice long shot of her smallish breasts--first on her back and then sitting up (a better show). Good shape, nice nipples.

lattara was written on March 19, 2001

Good view of breasts

There's a sex scene in which Amanda is visibly naked and shown full length but her strategically placed leg and arm keep her bush and breasts from sight. Her figure looks much better than I remembered from her other nude scene in 'Butterfly Kiss'. After the sex scene the film cuts to the next day - Amanda's in bed and we get a good long well-lit look at her small breasts (nipples look perky) and an ultra quick flash of her bum as she rolls over in the bed.

BiBoySTL was written on June 26, 2000

Breasts after sex

Wonderful film, and although I don't find Ms. Plummer very attractive, she is an accomplished, wonderful actress. Showing her breasts makes me respect her even more.

whiteraven was written on August 20, 2010

Being manually manipulated and bare breast

There appears to be two back to back nude scenes involving Plummer and Forster taking place in a small town motel running from about the 45:03 to 47:28 marks DVD. The first sequence apparently the start of a night time sex scene seems a bit awkward at first as they are in semi reclining/sitting positions on the bed with Plummer closer to the camera. Plummer seems to be reacting as if to some sexual activity which does not seem to be occurring until one realizes that Forest's left arm is between Plummer's raised legs and he seems to be intensely manipulating her manually as the camera slowly zooms towards their faces as they stare into each other's eyes without breaking contact with Plummer's upper body and head rocking slowly up and down and Forster's arm slowly but firmly working away. Once one realizes the activity, it is actually quite an intense and erotic scene. The camera zooms out the window with a resulting bright light at about 45:42 leading to the following morning scene as described by others. Plummer has a nice slender body and lovely skin tone.

nudedude was written on March 3, 2000

Topless in bed

She has a decent topless scene while lying in bed talking to Robert Forster.

sirspread was written on October 15, 2004


we get longish looks at her small breasts as she is first on her back then resting on her elbows...she isnt anything to look at and her breasts are a little pointy

Joanna Gleason
whiteraven was written on August 20, 2010

Nude - face down on bed (Gleason or body double?)

Joanna Gleason plays Shirley Dutton, apparently a local barfly. At about the 50:58 mark DVD, the motel maid opens the door to find a nude woman laying face down with her head hanging off the bed. A brief lingering shot. In the movie we are led first to believe this is the Amanda Plummer character but the victim is later ID'd as Shirley. Amanda has dark hair and Gleason red but the head is not visible in the scene. Shows something of the performer's curves and rear. Of course could be a body double.

Robert Forster
simon_peggs_bitch was written on October 25, 2008

full frontal

We get to see full frontal after him having sex. Its nice to see handsome mature actors like Robert Forster doing full frontal nude scenes because there arent enough. But dissappointing to see such a masculine guy with such small penis and balls.

mcgannic was written on February 11, 2010

Sitting in chair naked

Forster is sitting in a chair talking to Amanda Plummer who has her breasts exposed and he is naked. When he is filmed from the back he stands up slowly and you get a long look at his smooth butt and then he walks over to Plummer and we see his genitals as he stands beside her. Brave actor for doing this at his age.

quickfuck was written on January 2, 2006

gorgeous smooth butt but tiny dick

Robert Forster is so handsome and very brave. He has a fine body for his age and even his tiny cock looks good enough to lick. That's one body I'd like on top of me.
I'm a mid-aged grandmother and we don't get enough sexy old men taking their clothes off so bravo to Bob Forster, and his cute little weenie.

BallsToMonty was written on February 20, 2008

Bum and dick on display

There are not enough sexy older guys who go naked in films but Bob Forster does it in this. He has a little dick but it looks good. He is handsome and his lovely butt looks smooth and kissable haha. He was brave for his age I'll say that.

BiBoySTL was written on June 26, 2000

Penis shot!

He's old, but no matter: he does unexpectedly show his wanker mid-way through the film after having sex with Amanda Plummer.

Rodnreel was written on July 21, 2000

Full Frontal

Although pushing 60, Robert Forster is still an attractive man. We see briefly his rear and then his penis as he has sex with Amanda Plummer. He's a little hairier and his penis here looks a little smaller than it did 30 years ago in 'Medium Cool.' Still, bravo to a brave, fine actor.

sirspread was written on October 15, 2004

rear and dick

he shows his butt and microscopic dick about 45 mins into the film (he must be brave if i had a dick twice the size i wouldnt be flashing it around)

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