American Pie: Band Camp's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Walcott, Jennifer 2 Reviews
Veltri, Rachel 1 Review
Little, Angela 1 Review
Killian, Tara 1 Review
Allen, Ginger Lynn 5 Reviews

American Pie: Band Camp's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Hilgenbrinck, Tad 4 Reviews

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Jennifer Walcott
hitch22 was written on December 27, 2005

Average scene...

Jennifer Walcott (former Playmate of the month August 2001) has 1 nude scene. It's about 3/4 of the way through the movie. She and another girl are standing in a bath room fixing their hair. Jennfier is completely nude. It first shows a side shot of her left breast. It cuts away and then a few seconds later shows both breasts. There is then a different view that shows of her butt. Then there is another side view. After something falls, Jennifer squates down and it shows her tits again, she sees a camera and screams. During the screen, we see a very close up view of Jennifer's tits from the view of the camera. I would reccomend this only if you are a die hard Jennifer Walcott fan, if you aren't, your better off buying one of her Playboy videos. Her breasts are obviously fake, but still big and nice.

krazyeyes was written on May 7, 2006

Totally Lame

OK OK so I'll admit that I am huge Jennifer Walcott fan. However if she is plasterd front and back of the movie cover you would think that she would be in the movie more then that one lame shot. But she is still my favortive supermodel of all time.

Rachel Veltri
ff was written on December 5, 2005

Blink and you'll miss it topless scene

She takes her towel off while secretly being filmed by Stifler guy. but the scene is damn quick, I actually missed it the first time I saw it. Near the end of the film when the Stifler guy is deleting some videos you can see a small image of her topless with Angela Little.There also scenes of her in her underwear and bikini. She was that bitch from the "For Love or Money" Reality series. I always thought she was kinda hot even though she does seem kinda bitchy. For a better look at her check out Playboy instead.

Angela Little
ff was written on December 5, 2005

There should have been more!!

She is being secretly filmed by the Sean William Scott wannabe in the shower with Rachel Veltri. But all we get is a brief shot of one breast from a bit of a distance. There is a scene in the woods where she goes topless but it does not show anything because THEY EDITED OUT ALL THE BREASTS EXPOSURE FROM THIS SCENE. And you know they exist because later in the movie when Stifler wanna be deletes all of the videos he filmed they showed screen caps from his lap top that has Angela topless (from the side with very little nipple exposed) from the woods scene and another one from the previous shower scene where we get a better look at her. The images are pretty small and you need the zoom button for a better look. By far the worst American Pie sequel, which isn't a surprise since it went straight to video but I was expecting more from the nudity department.

Tara Killian
Rookie_MIB was written on December 30, 2005

In the bathroom scene with Jennifer Walcott

Tara is the other woman that the robot is spying on when they exit the shower and remove their towels in front of the sink. You nearly see her fully nude as she moves around, but she's just barely too far around to see her pubic area. She's got a pretty nice rack though, although I wish the counter top had just been about 3 inches higher. :)

Ginger Lynn Allen
m8rt was written on December 29, 2005

The entire film

Ginger Lynn Allen is not in this movie.
Ginger Lynn Allen is not a member of the cast of this film.
Ginger Lynn Allen does not appear in this straight to video opus.
But, if she did, she would be about 44 years old.

ff was written on December 5, 2005

Fast T & A

You first see a glimpse of flesh when the camera attached to a small robot zooms on her ass and you can see just the tip of her ass crack. Later she is wearing only a towel when the small robot passed by her and rips the towel off we get some very quick shot of her butt, mostly from the side. and breasts and probably even pubic hair but i couldn't tell since it was so fast. She plays a nurse in this awful movie and not even a sexy nurse, just a frumpy old nurse.

ff was written on January 1, 2006

Yes she isin this movie!!

You obviously have not seen this movie!! She is not listed in imdb but she is in mrskin. You should watch the movie first before you put reviews. According to mrskin she might have used a double in that scene but I doubt it. Why would a porn star be shy about a brief nude scene. And she also did a nude scene recently in The Devil's Rejects so to suggest that it was the work of a double is ridiculous. Oh and avoid the R rated version and get the Unrated version. The R-rated version cut out almost all of the nudity.

mcjw2011 was written on January 12, 2006

Just as described, hardly anything

Allen plays the band camp nurse in this amusing DTV sequel. You get to see the side of her butt when the robot accidentally pulls her towel off. Not worth renting just for her.

nkdisg00d was written on December 27, 2005

Side shot

She's a little older and has a bit of "meat on her bones", so I didn't appreciate this much. It's also really fast and not really worhty of much attention.

Tad Hilgenbrinck
mcjw2011 was written on January 12, 2006

Ass, scrotum, and pubic hair (unrated version)

Hilgenbrinck has three nude scenes in this DTV sequel. In the first, it's the beginning of the film (Chapter 1 on the DVD). He realizes that he forgot to put the pepper spray cap on the can and the leaking spray makes his crotch burn. He pulls down his pants and uses the water fountain to cool his dick off, and when the curtain falls down, a brief view of his ass is seen as the audience stares at him. The second (and best) view is when he and the girls play a Jeopardy-esque strip game (Chapter 4), which the girls have rigged. He gives up after taking off his shoes and pulls off his shirt and jeans (he's wearing no underwear), revealing his nice buns. As the scene progresses, you get two more views of his firm ass and when he's surprised by the camp nurse (Ginger Lynn Allen), he adjusts the box of beer covering his dick and you get a brief shot of his pubic hair. The last view is when he's in a competition with the antagonist (Chapter 7), and he comes in wearing a Scottish kilt and bagpipes. After he wins the competition, Tad turns around, revealing part of his ass and bows (inadvertently mooning the audience), his scrotum is seen.

MarcioGore was written on May 31, 2012

Ass several times ( No scrotum)

He's young and HOT!!!We can see the first nudity when he's washing his penis in a water fountain.We can see his cute ass!!!AFter he's playing a strip game with some chicks so he lose and took off his clothes,we see a great shot of his cute and skinny ass!!!On the last scene he's wearing a scotish kilt,when he turns around we can see again part of his ass but I don't think that we can see is his scrotum (like other guy that wrote other review),use the "pause button" in this scene we I think that he's wearing a thong well inside of his anus to hide his scrotum!He's a hot actor and it's good to see someone too young shows his body several times!We must have more actor shameless and hot like him!!!

nkdisg00d was written on January 4, 2006

Great butt shots

I like butts and Tad delivers his many times in the unrated version. The strip question game is the best scene, you see it over and over again with no need for slow-mo. You also get a great shot of his hips and happy trail towards the end of this scene. Nice abs too. He's a very cute guy and I very much enjoyed his butt scenes in this film.

ljrealnude was written on June 14, 2008

Three Nude Scenes

Hilgenbrinck make his film deBUTT in this first direct-to-video movie which continues the successful AMERICAN PIE series. Tad is a very sexy actor with an equally sexy butt, which he doesn't hesitate to show in three long scenes.

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