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Violante Placido
lattara was written on November 28, 2010

Multiple nude scenes

Violante plays a hooker that George Clooney's character falls for. In her first scene, she enters a room in a brothel which is bathed in red light wearing lingerie. She begins to undress and the scene cuts so she is off-screen being watched by Clooney, but a view of her rear is visible in a mirror on the right of the screen as she removes bra and panties. She then walks back into shot showing off her lovely C-cup breasts and a trim tuft of pubic hair before embracing Clooney as the scene ends. Brightly lit, albeit tinged in red.

The second nude scene is a sex scene again in the red-lit brothel room. The camera is at bed level and shows Violante nude from the waist up. Excellent views of her breasts as Clooney moves down her body, first nuzzling the breasts and then disappearing below her waist as she writhes orgasmically. The scene cuts to the post-coital moments with Violante sitting up in bed, a sheet covering part of her lower body but leaving her breasts exposed, while she conducts a longish conversation with Clooney.

The final scene is outdoors in daylight by a river. Violante is wearing a short clingy dress from which it is already clear that she is braless beneath. With her back to the viewer she pulls off the dress to go skinny dipping. Her bum can be seen through semi-transparent panties. She wades into the water and turns to reveal her breasts and, as she comes out of the water again her dark bush can be seen as the wet panties are now translucent. She lies on her front still naked except for the panties as a scene plays out between her and Clooney during which she has cause to flip over onto her back giving another excellent view of her breasts.

bilfic was written on March 31, 2012

Nice breast and bush shots

There is a fair amount of pretty good nudity in this strange film. At 0:29 Violante disrobes completely in a brothel scene that is shot through a red filter. We can see her breasts and we get two very brief glimpses of her bush. There is a torrid sexual scene between her and George Clooney from 0:51-56. We get several lengthy views of her breasts and can see her writhe in ecstasy as Clooney eats her pussy. Violante has full protruding nipples. This scene is also shot through a red filter. I suppose the reason these these two scenes were shot in red was to be sure we know, lest any viewer miss the point, WE ARE IN A BROTHEL. Finally, there is an outdoor scene from 1:18-20 in which we get several nice views of Violante's beautiful breasts, and we can also see her bush through her transparent wet panties.

Irina Björklund
lattara was written on November 28, 2010

Good look at her behind

Within a few moments of the film opening, we see Irina stretched out on a bed face down with her shapely behind revealed in good light.

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