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Lizzie Brocheré
Pierre Perrier
GDH was written on November 10, 2012


Perrier's lithe form is frequently unveiled here: first there's a relatively distant shot of his backside in the shower. Later we see his bum again as he lays curled up on the floor. After a three-way sex scene with Lizzie Brocheré and a male actor (nothing shot below the waist, unfortunately), there's more backside and frontal shots as Perrier gets out of bed, walks to the front door to collect a pizza, then walks back to bed. More backside and a distant frontal when he scrambles out of bed and pulls on his jeans, and oblique views of it during an outdoor sex scene with Brocheré. The best scene, though, is when Perrier does a striptease for Brocheré's pleasure (not to mention that of the viewer!): the camera lingers on his body and we see his bum, a quick but clear view of his penis - and another, slightly obscured, view of his penis erect.

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