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American Wedding's Sexy Actresses

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Swisten, Amanda 5 Reviews
Schieler Ziering, Nikki 8 Reviews

American Wedding's Sexy Actors

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Thomas, Eddie Kaye 2 Reviews
Kramer, Eric Allan 1 Review
Biggs, Jason 2 Reviews

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Amanda Swisten
Cyclone was written on March 8, 2004

Topless maid

Amanda is the first of the two women to show some skin at the bachelor party, when we get a partial view of her butt about 44 minutes into the unrated version of the film. Two minutes later, she finally gets topless, and we get a few peeks at her nice breasts over the next several minutes. Then, after a break in the nudity, we get arguably our best look at her tits, about 55 minutes in. Amanda definitely looks good, but her exposure is a bit too brief, and it pales in comparison to Nikki's.

dvdcollector was written on May 29, 2004

Breasts in maid's outfit

During a bachelor party, she plays the role of a French/East European maid. Occasional views of breasts could be longer, but the breasts are nice, as is the actress.

beave0 was written on March 25, 2006

Bachelor Party

At 45:40 we get to see Amanda (French Maid) small breasts when her and Nikki are dancing around Finch in a chair.

atom was written on January 3, 2004

"Fraulein Brandi" flaunts her breasts at bachelor party

As "Fraulein Brandi," the airheaded bachelor-party performer in a French maid's outfit, twenty-five-year-old Swisten bears her breasts twice in the movie. Swisten has a relatively small role here, and to my (queer) eye, she seems almost interchangeable with the other blonde bimbo in the scene, Nikki Ziering. In any case, we do see her lovely breasts clearly, first when she is seducing the character "Finch" into stripping and second when she shocks the male lead's in-laws by exposing her breasts in front of them (the in-laws don't realize that they've interrupted a bachelor party).

Silverfish was written on January 9, 2004

bachelor party

amanda swisten is the very attractive blonde woman who plays a french maid at the bachelor party. her breasts aren't as large as the other stripper (nikki ziering), but they are just as beautiful. the three stars are for the unrated version, which shows her a lot. the rated version isn't worth seeing.

Nikki Schieler Ziering
Kuroneko was written on August 3, 2003


Here is another example of an entry which I complained about because it was entered wrong. The title is there but what about the year of release in brackets? C'mon people! Get a clue. If you don't know how to enter a new title into the database then don't bother at all.

Cyclone was written on March 8, 2004

Topless cop

Nikki first gets topless about 44 minutes into the unrated version of the film, and she remains that way for most of the next 5-6 minutes. Her tits are terrific, and in addition to her chest, we also get several views of her bare butt. There's then a break in the nudity, but we get one final look at her boobs about 57 minutes in. Nikki looks fantastic, and her breast exposure is high in both quality and quantity.

dvdcollector was written on May 29, 2004

Dominatrix shows breasts

Hired as a policewoman/dominatrix for a bachelor party, she shows her breasts extensively. Very beautiful woman, so these breasts are worth seeing. Too bad she does not expose more.

beave0 was written on March 25, 2006

Bachelor Party

At 44:08 we get to see Nikki (Officer Krystal) big breasts and nipples while she talks to the guys.

atom was written on January 3, 2004

bares breasts as bachelor-party performer

Nikki is a former Playboy Playmate of the Month, so she clearly wasn't hired on "American Wedding" for her acting ability. As a bachelor-party performer, Nikki acts as a dominatrix with a policewoman outfit. She rips the clothes (except, sadly, the underwear) off Thomas Ian Nicholas, ties him to a chair, uses her whip on Nicholas and others, and generally pretends, though not very well, to be vicious and punitive. During the course of this performance, she exposes her remarkable--but presumably not natural--breasts. With her long-blonde hair and slim figure, Nikki's gorgeous, of course, though she's only a supporting character in the movie, and her scene is played strictly for laughs. For what it's worth, she is, as her surname suggests, the ex-wife of Ian Ziering, the blond hunk of "Beverly Hills 90210" fame.

Elyk-Agee was written on August 1, 2003

Pre Bachelor Party

Nikki Ziering Bares Her Breasts As Officer Krystal At The Pre Bachelor Party For Jim. She Is Very Sexy In The Black Leather Suit She Is Wearing, Until It Comes Off Of Course.

Silverfish was written on January 9, 2004

bachelor party

just wanted to comment on the unrated version of the movie. nikki walks around topless and taking her top off a LOT, in this and a "behind the scenes of the bachelor party" segment, so the DVD is a good buy for fans of the playboy playmate. the rated version is **; don't bother with it.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on August 2, 2003

Nice tits

it already got described perfect stifler has a pre bachelor party at jims house and she strips in a cops outfit and jim and michelles family walks in

Eddie Kaye Thomas
dvdcollector was written on May 29, 2004

Car window mooning

Shows his butt out of the window of a passing car. Clear view, but the actor is not particularly handsome. The butt is all right, though.

atom was written on January 3, 2004

mooning sequence

We get a brief but clear view of Thomas's unremarkable butt in a standard-issue mooning sequence. Thomas sticks his butt out the passenger window as he and Thomas Ian Nicholas drive past Seann William Scott. As "Finch," the nerd of the "American Pie" group, Thomas isn't especially attractive, but even his devotees are less likely to be aroused by the mooning sequence than by an earlier scene, at the bachelor party, when Finch strips down to his underwear and smears his untoned body with chocolate syrup.

Eric Allan Kramer
dvdcollector was written on May 29, 2004

Butt framed by leather pants

At the bachelor party, he wears leather pants with a large hole for each butt cheek. Unremarkable butt and not particularly handsome actor.

Jason Biggs
dvdcollector was written on May 29, 2004

Two brief butt views

Geeky but handsome Biggs shows his butt for a reasonable period of time after his father gets him out of a chair in a restaurant, where his girlfriend just happened to be performing oral sex from under the table. Good humiliation/embarrassment scene. Later, we get an extremely brief view of his butt as he shaves his butt and pubic hair.

atom was written on January 3, 2004

two brief butt shots

Jason Biggs, the nerdy-yet-handsome (and fit) male lead, reveals his rump in two different sequences of this third "American Pie" film. The scenes are brief enough that they will probably be of interest not to so much to fans of male nudity as to people with a specific interest in one of the fantasies being staged: in the first case, public humiliation, and in the second case, crotch-shaving. At the beginning of the movie, Biggs finds himself at a fancy restaurant being serviced orally by his girlfriend from under the table. Jason's (oblivious) father pulls the young man out of his seat, leaving him exposed--with his pants and underwear around his ankles--to the shocked and laughing diners. Late in the film, Jason shaves off his pubic hair and the hair on his butt. Naturally, the pubic hair somehow ends up all over the wedding cake. The view of the buttocks in this second scene is particularly short and unremarkable. It may be worth noting that this installment of the "Pie" series, though clumsier and less funny, is more emphatic about gay themes than either of its predecessors. The film introduces a sexual tension between Biggs and Seann William Scott (Stifler) as Scott spends a good deal of time teaching Biggs how to dance; Scott ends up in a long dance-off in a gay bar (where a transvestite pinches his nipples and gooses him repeatedly); one of the patrons at the gay bar assists Biggs and Scott in arranging the wedding (we see his butt cheeks during a scene at the bachelor party); and Biggs and Scott stage a comic embarrassment scene early in the film, as Jason's new in-laws discover the young men appearing to stage a sexual encounter with each other (mediated by a dog who is licking Scott's crotch). I also can't resist noting that at the bachelor party, fine-looking Thomas Ian Nicholas is stripped to his underwear and tied to a chair.

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