American Werewolf in London, An's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Spencer, Susan 2 Reviews
Drew, Linzi 1 Review
Agutter, Jenny 11 Reviews

American Werewolf in London, An's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Naughton, David 8 Reviews

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Susan Spencer
atom was written on January 24, 2004

brief looks at large breasts

In one of the closing scenes of the movie, lycanthrope David Naughton sits in a porno theater with his erstwhile sidekick, Griffin Dunne, who roams the world, rapidly decomposing, as one of the undead. While Dunne (and Naughton's other victims) remonstrate with our werewolf-hero, a porno film--or rather, a parody of a porno film--plays in the foreground. In that film, two topless actresses with unusually pendulous breasts, Susan Spencer and Linzi Drew, play out some of the ridiculous scenarios typical of seventies softcore. The actresses don't have large enough roles to be interesting on their own terms, but their distinctive proportions give the scene a fillip of added interest.

beave0 was written on March 25, 2006

porn flick

At 1:22:20 David walks into a porn theatre. As he walks up the the movie is seen beind him. You get to she her breasts as her partner is playing with them.

Linzi Drew
rocco-rules was written on September 5, 2007

Porn film blonde

Linzi is the actress riding her guy in the porn film that David is watching in the theater. You can see her boobs (but no bush, IIRC).

Jenny Agutter
nudity_elitist was written on July 14, 2002


This lady is quite beautiful as Nurse Alex and delivers the goods. I can't believe I have never seen her in anything else, ase she seems quite deserving of stardom. Nice, natural body in a shower/then to bed scene with the male lead.

BouncyTits was written on July 25, 2003

practically nothing

There is officially two seconds of visible nipples and they are poorly lit. This actress is very hot, but unfortunately the nudity is brief and difficult to see. There is no nudity in the shower, and she's mostly covered by co-star Naughton in the bed scene. Too bad.

dvddish was written on July 25, 2003


you get to see this cute girl topless in the shower hows this booty dady i need your help in making my reviews better please help me

henrya was written on November 10, 1999

Low light topless scene

She's topless, on top of the Pepper guy, and you can see her tits hang down. The lighiting is low, but you can see nipples, and a good side shot, so it's worth it if you like Jenny.

Chaz was written on November 3, 2001


Although the nusity is very brief and poorly lit, this scene is well worth a look at. Jenny was (still is actually) absolutely stunning, and she makes love with the guy in the shower and then they move on to the bed.

Ghostwords was written on September 6, 2005

After the shower

I'm disappointed that some folks on this forum sit there with a stopwatch in one hand (and we can guess what's in the other), noting the exposure of Ms Agutter's nipples but failing to recognize the erotic buzz in the scene, particularly the way she bites her lip as David Naughton slides down to pleasure her orally. She's a great actress, and this is a very nice scene (albeit too brief).

beave0 was written on March 25, 2006

love making

The love making starts in the shower then moves to the bed. At 42:02 we get to see Jenny (Nurse Alex) vert small left breast. If you blink you might miss it. I had to turn up my brightness for the scene. The lighting is dark or it just might be my tv.

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Topless in shower and bed

Jenny Agutter exposes her nice tits briefly in this werewolf film. In one scene, she takes a shower and we can make out her nice, full breasts and in the second time we see her boobs again as she's having sex with David Naughton. Jenny is very sexy and very casual about onscreen nudity... not surprising for a British actress who just manages to hold her sexiness in while doing a great performance. Great movie as well.

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2002

Real Blowjob scene cut??

Director John Landis has this to say about the special edition DVD of An American Werewolf in London:

"They were able to track down all the original elements at Technicolor London. Some guy named Caesar actually sat through all seven or eight hours of (unused raw) footage and pulled about 45 minutes of stuff and I looked at it. I let him use some of it and vetoed a lot of it. There was some sex footage and I thought it was not fair to the actors to share from the love scene between Jenny Agutter and David Naughton. Those were outtakes."

To quote one of Landis' own movies "Cough, cough, blowjob, blowjob ......."

Bevan was written on February 9, 2001

It's worth it

Nice little topless scene ... dark, but plenty enough light. Then again, I'm a Jenny fan ...

Dante was written on January 14, 1999

Breif topless love scene

nothing to write home about.

David Naughton
TheGap was written on July 6, 2001

Mainly distant shots, but still worthwile...

David is a fairly average looking guy who, when he is transformed into a werewolf, ends up in the public zoo.

FRONTAL: I recall two distant angels of his penis being displayed.

REAR: His butt is seen best in the transform scene in the apartment.

EROTICISM: Not really sexy, considering he's becoming a wolf.

yowza was written on November 9, 1999

Nude in Zoo, Nude in Apartment

Although I liked the zoo scene where he's nude in public and desperately trying to hide it, my favorite scene is when he rips off his clothes in mid-Werewolf transformation - that's when you get the best view of his ass. All scenes are very brief, though.

FlirtyPopStar was written on March 25, 2005

Side nudity (cock too?)

There's a scene where Naughton's character is in the woods, and is running naked. All we get is side nudity most of the time, but there are breif flashes of his dick as it flaps into view.

FlirtyPopStar was written on March 25, 2005

Backside - numerous times

The best David Naughton nudity is probably at the full moon, where he becomes the monster he is. As he strips himself while transforming, we get a few good shots of his ass. Even though it ain't the sexiest one I've ever seen, it's worth a look.

FlirtyPopStar was written on March 26, 2005

Nocturnal nudity

There are two scenes of nocturnal nudity. One is nothing special, during a conversation with his dead friend, Jack, and then the other is absolutely grotesque, at the end of the film, where the lead character, (played by David Naughton) is gunned down after becoming a werewolf. With a number of gunshots in his body, it's disgusting, definitely not worth a look.

atom was written on January 24, 2004

classic naked-in-public scene

In the DVD commentary on the film, Griffin Dunne, who plays Naughton's sidekick, comments on how often Naughton ends up naked in this movie. Dunne is right--Naughton is naked in a sex scene with Jenny Agutter, in a nocturnal conversation with Dunne (by now a corpse), in the scene of his transformation into a werewolf, in the film's closing shot, and, most famously, in a substantial naked-in-public scene in the London Zoo. As one of the earlier reviewers points out, the best view of Naughton's posterior comes when the hero rips off his clothes during his painful transformation into a werewolf; whether this represents an erotic scenario is of course open to question. The final scene--in which the werewolf Naughton, who has just been killed, changes back into human form--gives the clearest all-over view of Naughton's body, though the figure is contorted so that the left leg lies obscures his genitals. The best-known nude sequence involves Naughton waking up naked in an animal cage in the London Zoo. He avoids the wolves and climbs out of their cage, then runs through the zoo with his hands over his privates, trying frantically to find some clothes that he can use to get home. He encounters an elderly woman, who eyes him with disdain, and then steals a bunch of balloons from a boy, who looks at him with amusement. Finally, he steals a woman's coat and manages to board a bus. The scene is striking because of its length, its public visibility (the film was a big mainstream hit), and its rather casual attitude toward full-frontal exposure. Although Naughton tries, on the whole, to cover his private parts when running, his hands often slip, and his genitals are, especially as he is climbing out of the lion cage, often visible. The frontal nude scenes were not originally shot in close-ups, though close-up shots now circulate on the net. As previous reviewers suggest, Naughton bridges the gap between Hollywood hunk and average-looking guy, but he's reasonably fit and, in this film, he has the likable easy-going humor of a college frat boy. Naughton's subsequent films have all been dreck, and after "Werewolf," he began to put on a good deal of weight.

murray was written on September 20, 1998

numerous scenes

Dr. Pepper man on display throughout the film before and after he becomes a werewolf. In one scene he wakes up in a zoo and we get to watch him climb naked out of the pen. In another scene, his cock flaps into view a few times at the top of the screen (maybe on accident) as he's running naked at night in the woods.

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Nude in zoo, dream and home

Average-looking actor shows the goods in this horror film. In the first scene, he's running naked through the woods and we see the side of his butt and a brief glimpse of his pubes; in the second scene he rips off his clothes and we get a brief but nice look at his butt while he's changing into a werewolf - very disturbing. In the final scene, he wakes up naked in the wolf exhibit and rushes out, giving us another glimpse of pubes and butt. Naughton is average-looking, not very sexy at all... female costar Jenny Agutter is very sexy while keeping her nude scenes rather discreet. The movie's worth buying because it's one of those rare good '80s horror films and Naughton is a pretty good actor. Great movie - average nudity.

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