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David Selvas
Ozzie700 was written on February 3, 2003

Changing in credits

This movie has some of the best opening credits sequences I've ever seen! Various parts of a man's body (presumably David, as he is playing this character) are seen as he arrives home, strips off his shirt, unbuckles his slacks, runs a bath. Next he is seen rubbing down his legs and thighs, and around this time there is a brief pubes shot. Finally his full and very appealing rear end is framed in the straps of a leather jock pouch, which we see the front of in the final section of the opening credits. David does no actualy nudity in the main film, although he is down to boxers only a few times, but this opening sequence is highly erotic and a great way to introduce his role in the narrative.

donby was written on February 16, 2003

Opening title sequence, shower scene in middle of picture, then end montage.

Opening sequence shows a man sensously getting undressed, stroking his body, then putting on leather gear. It's an erotic montage, but there's only one brief rear shot. Supposedly it's Selvas, but since we never see his face, it's most probably a body double.------In the shower scene, we see one rear view. Again, no face, probably a body double.-----At the end, we see another version of the title sequence. This time there are several rear & frontal shots, but the whole thing is shot farther away and in deep orange, so you can't make out much.-----This film is very talky and, though it deals with prostitution, aids, & teenage pregnancy, manages to make all three boring !

Mario Gas
Ozzie700 was written on February 3, 2003

Walking to bathroom

The English title of this powerful, if depressing, film is Beloved/Friend. Mario plays a professor friend of Jaume Clara's (the center of the film). Early in the movie he calls in sick one day to fool around with his wife. When they're done, he walks to the bathroom, nude, showing his rear and perhaps part of his shaft. He's well into middle-age and his buttocks are saggy, so don't watch this scene for arousal purposes.

donby was written on February 16, 2003

Going to the bathroom in the nude.

Rear shot with a flash of penis.------ There are many fit, older guys in the world, but this actor ain't one of them. Only watch this scene if you want to see your grandfather naked.

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